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East Timor Newsgroups & Lists

(updated October 2012)

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Postal Mailing Lists
ETAN maintains two lists (alerts and east-timor) on Timor-Leste (East Timor). Both are maintained manually.  See below, for additional information about either list or contact John M. Miller.  ETAN also maintains a postal mailing list (for the newsletter and other mailings), a fax list for alerts, and a phone list. Even if you only wish to receive electronic material, we would appreciate having your postal mailing address, phone and fax numbers.

ETAN Alert List
ETAN has an electronic mailing list for action alerts. These alerts deal with lobbying the US government, severe human rights violations and the like. Items are sent as needed, and postings average 1 per month. Click here to receive ETAN Action Alerts.

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action alerts, media releases, key news and other resources selected by ETAN

The east-timor listerv distributes news and other items from a wide range of sources, including East Timorese groups, ETAN, TAPOL, and other support groups. Reports and translations from wire services and the East Timorese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Australian, British, and U.S. press also appear regularly, as well as official documents and statements from the U.N., national governments, and other sources. (East-timor began as a list server echo of a conference (newsgroup) called reg.easttimor and is sometimes known by that name.) Postings average 10-15 per day, although the frequency varies with the pace of East Timor-related events and coverage. Click here to subscribe.

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Information on list archives here

Indonesia-related lists

Indonesia-act, provides action-oriented information on Indonesian democracy, human rights and other issues, and is primarily in English.

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This is an english-language news and discussion list covering issues related to the politics, protest, human rights, the economy, and environment in West Papua, and activism on the region . This list was initiated by TAPOL (The Indonesian Human Rights Campaign, based in the UK,, with support from ETAN This list is a successor to the reg.westpapua list which had been hosted on GreenNet and on Topica in recent years.

To subscribe, send an e-mail message to with subscribe reg.westpapua in the subject line. Please include information about your organizational affiliation (if any),phone and current location. (Once you are subscribed, you can change to receive summaries only or many postings in a one or two daily e-mails.)

Go to to read its archives from July 2000 to March 2006 on the web. Postings from late March 2006 to the present can be found at Follow the list on Twitter: westpapuanews

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Action alerts, media releases, key news and other resources on East Timor (Timor-Leste) and Indonesia selected by ETAN, focused on ETAN's program and priorities

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