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Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 15:04:05 +0000
From: "East Timor International Support Center" <> Organization: East Timor International Support Center

Secret meeting with Indonesian Armed Forces to "engineer" results of referendum

DILI, (Yayasan Hak) -- On June 24, at 1:00 pm a secret meeting was held in the Korem 164 WD military district in East Timor between top Indonesian military (ABRI) officers and the Jakarta-controlled pro-integration party, APODETE.

The following were agreed upon between APODETE and ABRI:

1. If East Timor gets "special status" within the Indonesian Republic, Jakarta is to have absolute control over the territory's judicial affairs; foreign affairs and defence. The flag of East Timor WILL bear the colours of the Indonesian flag -- red and white and the currency will still be the Indonesian rupiah.

2. In anticipation of the prospect of a "final solution" to East Timor in the form of a referendum, the APODETE politicians made it expressly known to ABRI that they wanted arms and money to influence the results and thwart the ground support of leaders aligned to UDT and Fretilin. APODETE wanted ABRI's help in mobilising armed civilian groups, supporting East Timor's integration with Indonesia, operating from West to East Timor.

3. In the eventuality of a majority of East Timorese voting for independence in the referendum, APODETE with the help of ABRI WILL CONTINUE arming and financing groups to create chaos in East Timor.

4. The target number of civilians to be armed and financed by ABRI is 25,000. So far, 10,000 East Timorese, with political affiliations towards APODETE, have been armed with M-16 rifles provided by ABRI. Some of them are currently mobilised in the following "nindja groups":

a) Alfa b)Makikit c) Halilintar

The remaining are para-military volunteers with the Rajawali forces, Battalion 744 and Battalion 745 operating throughout East Timor.

5. ABRI agreed to help APODETE influence the results of the referendum in order for the pro-Indonesia party to garner at least 80 per cent support. The Indonesian military also agreed to terrorise all supporters of UDT and Fretilin and other "pro-independence elements" to prevent them from voting otherwise.

For further information please contact Maria Ceu Federer at +61-8-89855678 (after hours) OR Sonny Inbaraj at +61-8-89484458.

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