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July 1 - 6
Army to stay in East Timor
ETHRC UA 11-98- East Timor killings Email Indonesian President Habibe
From the road to Dili to the shootings in Baucau
UN Secretary-General concerned
CAFOD urges EU to insist on troop withdrawal from East Timor
'Too soon to withdraw troops,' says commander
UN Decolonization Committee hearings on East Timor
"Nindja" groups mobilised in East Timor
No secret plans for East Timor, UN says
Release All Indonesia's Political Prisoners
DOWNER - NO SELL-OUT of EAST TIMOR Fax (FREE) the Australian Foreign Affairs Minister
Indonesian Armed Forces to "engineer" results of referendum
EAST TIMOR Fear of torture

July 7 - 13
Alatas contradicts self on Xanana
Alatas denies Gusmao to be freed soon
INDONESIA - Still detained
URGENT ACTION Progress Report
East Timor killings
UN efforts SHAM
Settlers Departing
RT- no plans for July 17 demos

ET embassy to open in Canada
The summary execution of Mrs. Maria da Costa Email the Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights
Concerning the release of Mr. Antonio da Costa and Mr. Mauricio da Costa in Timor

July 14 - 21
European Union urges dialogue with Timor leaders
East Timorese tortured then released
Belo urges UN visit be delayed
Incommunicado Detention - Torture - Extra-judicial Executions
USGOV- Military Training Yes, Base No
Xanana- East Timorese will overlook past horrors of war
Subject to torture during interrogations
Indonesia's Chinese at a crossroads
Arrest and detention of 8 East Timorese men
Debunking "Integration Day"
ECON - Let E Timor Vote
World Bank in Indonesia
Xanana OKs limited Jakarta-Lisbon ties
Australian Ambassador meets Xanana
Bishop urges calm
Update from Ottawa
Quiet "integration" day

Megawati & Gus Dur support Belo's position on East Timor
TAPOL activist refused entry into Indonesia
Embattled Chinese find safe haven in East Timor
Marker cites Hongkong, Macau as models for Timor
Timor quiet after U.N. envoy visit
Australian religious leaders call for Xanana   freedom
CNRT statement on Timor Gap oil
Marker sees progress
Muladi on options for East Timor
BHP Press Release on ET oil

July 22 - 28
APCET Statement for the Asean Ministerial Meeting
ETHRC UA 12-98- Arbitrary Detention and Torture
U.N. would like Indonesia E.Timor troop withdrawal
Conclusions of the EU Troika Mission to East Timor
Portugal hopes for ``step-by-step'' Timor approach
RENETIL leader calls for concrete action from the UK Govt
ETHRC UA 12-98PR- Torture
Some troops said to leave E Timor
USAID-funded Suharto-ET coffee project!

Two 1965 prisoners in hospital-de Araujo pleads for their release
EU urges dialogue, troop cuts

Indonesian withdrawal sham
new law governing demos
East Timor resistance stakes claim to Timor Gap oil
oil again
Indonesia prepares troop "pull-out"
Letter to the Editor
CBC Radio on troop withdrawal
TAPOL on eve of CGI- Reforming zeal, how real is it?
troop pullout,alleged reduction

July 29 - 31
All Charges Dropped Against BAe Hawk Jets Protesters
Child Concern Case IDN - TMP 230798.CC
Background Briefing on Cohen Trip
Communist Influence in Fretilin prior to the 1975 invasion
Indon Immigrants to E.T. Face Uphill Battle
INDONESIA - Fear for safety
CONG- Feingold Reed Letter
Indonesia says positive signs from Lisbon on Timor
ETHRC UA 13-98- torture and incommunicado detention
Cohen- U.S. urges restraint by Indonesia army
DOD: supports U.S. engagement with ABRI
ETHRC UA7-98PR2- Execution and Disappearance
Portugal says self-determination crucial

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