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Subject: CBC Radio on troop withdrawal
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 09:17:22 -0400
From: (Kerry Pither) Organization: The Jungle BBS - not in Kansas any more


CBC National Radio News has a reporter in Dili - Patricia Nunan. She is calling the so-called troop withdrawal as nothing more than a "futile public relations gesture." The announcer introduced her story by calling the Indonesian government's move a "joke."

Nunan is reporting that according to official sources the "remaining 11,000 troops are not occupying East Timor, they are there on regular duty."

She interviews an American academic in East Timor, who notes that thousands of troops were actually moved into the territory over the last few weeks, so there has actually been an increase, not a decrease.

Here is a summary of the report, but you can hear the whole thing in "audio" from the CBC radio web page if you are interested:


Kerry Pither

Summary posted on their web page: Indonesia says it will begin withdrawing troops tomorrow from the disputed territory of East Timor. One thousand soldiers are to leave the island for Java. Western observers see the partial withdrawal as a diplomatic gesture, designed to win Jakarta some public approval. And people in the territory are sceptical, too. Patricia Nunan is in Dili, the capital of East Timor. ---- This message comes from The Jungle BBS port 3004 Cheap web hosting a funky First Class BBS and a lot of fonts ----

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