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Subject: Follow-up report about the E Timorese demonstrators
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 03:10:15 -0700 (PDT)


According to the latest reports we have received, the East Timorese students who were forcibly removed from the Foreign Ministry are now being held at three locations:

1. SMA BUDI MURIA (Jl. Puri Kembangan, Kedoya, West Jakarta) 2. BUMI PERKEMAHAN CIBUBUR. According to the latest information we have received, 414 people are being held here. 3. PANTI KARYA BAKTI SOSIAL (Jl. Kembangan Raya , Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta) About forty people are being held here. This place is usually used to hold homeless people and vagabonds, prostitutes and the like when the security forces conduct round-ups on the streets.

Two persons are reported to have broken legs and one has been stabbed with a bayonet.


Separately we (TAPOL) have been informed that three women are now being treated for injuries at St Carolus Hospital, Jakarta.

Agustina Fonseca who is from Madiun, East Java, was whacked by a rattan stick.

Lena who is from the Faculty of Medicine in Yogyakarta, Central Java

Maria Elena who is also from Yogyakarta *********************************************************** TAPOL, Indonesia Human Rights Campaign, 111 Northwood Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 8HW, UK Phone: 0181 771-2904 Fax: 0181 653-0322 email: Defending the rights of the victims of Indonesian oppression in Indonesia, East Timor, West Papua and Aceh.

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