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Subject: ETISC: Urgent alert/ killings in Alas
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 17:14:20 +0930
From: "East Timor International Support Center" <> Organization: East Timor International Support Center

East Timor International Support Center PO Box 651, Nightcliff, Darwin, NT 0814 Australia.

URGENT ALERT/ Mon, Nov 16, 1998

ETISC received this urgent message from CNRT over the weekend:

Message From Falintil Commander of Region III in East Timor

The situation in Manufahi is very alarming. On November 13, the Indonesian military arrested Village Chief Suku Taitudak, in Alas, and some young people. They were taken to Barike and killed.

The military also shot the local priest at the cathequist. They invaded and ransacked the local church and destroyed all the statues inside. After that, they opened fire at random injuring and killing many. The priest was taken away by the military and his wherabouts are not known.

We appeal to CNRT, the Justice and Peace Commission and the East Timor Legal Aid Foundation -- Yayasan Hak to launch an immediate investigation.

The batallions currently based in Alas are 315, 744, 745 and the Marines. There are also Brimob (moblie brigade) and paramilitary groups operating there.

Falur Atelai CNRT -- Falintil

Subject: Re: ETISC: Urgent alert/ killings in Alas
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 04:56:54 -0800 (PST)
From: Constancio Pinto <>

Dear all,

I received the same message. There are a few mistakes in the message below that need to be corrected.

  • The the priest and the cathequist were shot at. The cathequist is the religion teacher.
  • The name of the of the village chief of Taitudak is Vicente. SUKU TAITUDAK is the name of the village.

Thank you,

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