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November 1 - 7

Portugal to discuss troop levels w- UN
Intra-East Timorese Dialogue opens
ET Governor denies he threatened civil servants
CNRT to study possible solutions
Disclosure on Troops Mocks Jakarta's Credibility
CNRT rejects more AIETD meetings in present form
Prosecute Prabowo for crimes against ETimorese people
Falintil condolences to families of dead soldiers
Indonesian military chief denies troop increase
Independent (UK) on Fretilin
No agreement at Austria talks
ABRI vows hunt
Australian Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs
ETAN-U.S.- Nov 12 events for East Timor
What is happening in Parliament Building JKT?

November 8 - 14
AETN Campaign letter to UN
Horta interview on VOA
Indonesian soldiers open fire on each other in ETimor
Int'l Conference on East Timor in Osaka (December 5-6, 1998)
ETHRC UA 14-98PR- Progress Report Marcos Belo released
Need for Monitors
CNRT Krumbach Declaration
ETHRC UA 15-98  Rape and Extra-judicial Execution
ETHRC UA 16-98 Ill-treatment of political prisoners
E.T remembers its dead, forgets Jakarta meet
Soldiers killed in Timor mob attack
UN urges autonomous government for East Timor
Xanana in hospital for minor operation
Australia calls for troop reductions
ETimorese hold solemn mass
ETimor rebels take 2 soldiers hostage

Survivors in Dili mourn losses in massacre
E.Timor remembers dead with anti-Jakarta sentiment
Violence against Women
ETAN-US- NGO Letter to Albright
Indonesian opposition leader Rais supports referendum
UN expert on violence against women to visit Indonesia

ABRI killed, buried alive 150 after '91 Dili massacre
Horta's oppening remarks to the 4th AiETD

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November 15 - 21
Analysis of Indonesian Army documents from East Timor
Indonesians killing innocent Timorese again
Portuguese deputy calls for Suharto's extradition
Timor resistance threatens to execute hostages
Declaration by Australian Religious Leaders
Solidamor release on abductions and killings in Barike
Urgent alert- killings in Alas
Withdrawal of Indonesian troops and need for UN observers
Lisbon asks Albright to raise Timor question with Jakarta
Money needed for student organizing in Timor & Jakarta
Portuguese PM calls for international investigation
Portuguese PM urgest UN to do its utmost
Portuguese MP seeks int'l arrest warrant for Suharto
URGENT ALERT- Prisoners in Bacau taken away
Xanana suggests UN send peacekeepers
ASIET Statement on recent repression
Classifed docs show Australia new of 2nd massacre
Timor group accuses Indon military of atrocities
Jewish Labor Committee Res on Timor Genocide

UN Talks to begin
AI UA299-98 EAST TIMOR Fear for safety
Case IDN-TMP 230798.1-East Timor-Follow up-Torture
ETHRC UA 12-98PR2- Progress Report
Indonesia sees new diplomatic ties with Portugal
Solidamor- Xanana meets Amien Rais
Two Falintil hostages issue appeal to ABRI
UN Talks Suspended
Fear for safety in the district of Same

November  22 - 30
Dili students to protest against Alas bloodbath
Indonesian military ends hunt for E.Timorese
Names of some of the dead in Alas

AI FI299-98 EAST TIMOR Arbitrary arrest
CDPM press release on Alas
East Timor - Alas situation
ETISC- International monitors must be allowed into ETimor
First Dili Women's Conference
Indonesia denies deaths in Timor crackdown

Killings, Arrests, Disappearances in Alas, East Timor
Rais ready to act as mediator
Red Cross visits Alas

TAPOL on Human Rights Watch statement
Trouw on situation in Alas and Timor
U.S. concerned about violence in East Timor
Reports of ETimor violence spark protests
More about the 31 October incident
Nobel laureate insists over 50 dead in clashes
OMCT Case IDN-TMP 241198 - Human rights violations in Alas
On-the-spot report from Dili
Red Cross - No confirmation of large-scale atrocities in ETimor
Urgent- new email campaign letter suggestion
Portugal wants creation of UN office in Timor
Portugal's chief prosecutor-arrest of Suharto
Sec. Koh press conf in Jakarta on human rights
UN talks resume, Marker to go to ET

1st half 1998 human rights violations in East Timor
Foreign Minister Expresses Regret over Horta Incident
Green Party-Taiwan on denial of entry to Ramos-Horta
Yayasan HAK - Alas Incidents

Australia seeks defence monitors in East Timor
Australia supports Wiranto
Ramos Horta attacks Australia's for policy
UN officials to visit occupied territory - including Alas
UN talks to resume in February


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Postings of Human Rights Violations in East Timor