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Subject: LUSA: Portuguese PM calls for international investigation
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 11:33:07 -0500 (EST)
From: "Sharon R.A. Scharfe" <>

16 NOV 98 - 13:40 East Timor/Portugal: Portuguese president calls for international investigation into "second massacre" clain

Lisbon, Nov. 16 (Lusa) - Portuguese President Jorge Sampaio has called for an international investigation into claims that the 1991 Santa Cruz massacre in East Timor was followed several days later by the killings of hundreds of more people.

Manuel Carrascalão, president of the Movement for Reconciliation and Unity of the People of East Timor, revealed the existance of a "second massacre" in an exclusive interview with LUSA in Macau on Friday, saying he believed that over 500 people had been killed by Indonesian security forces in the two successive massacres. Following the Lusa news, Mario Carrascalão, a former governor of East Timor and brother of Manuel, told the Portuguese weekly Expresso on Saturday that shortly after the massacre by Indonesian troops of 271 protesters at the Santa Cruz cemetery in Dili in November, 1991, a further 50 people had been shot and 100 buried alive. "We have the serious responsibility of denouncing what was done, and we know what was done," Sampaio said during a visit to Viseu on Saturday. Sampaio reaffirmed Portugal's commitment to East Timor's right of self-determination.

The president said the situation in East Timor had been marked by the "practice of genocide" since its military occupation by Indonesia in 1975.-Lusa

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