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Subject: URGENT ALERT: Prisoners in Bacau taken away
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 18:19:29 +0930
From: "East Timor International Support Center" <> Organization: East Timor International Support Center

EAST TIMOR INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT CENTER PO Box 651, Nightcliff, Darwin NT 0814 Australia

URGENT ALERT/ Tues Nov 17, 1998

Prisoners in Baucau jail taken away...wereabouts unknown!

The East Timor International Support Center received this urgent message, today, smuggled out of Bacau prison (Komarca/ Rutan).

"In this message we wish to convey the problems we are encountering in Rutan/Komarca. On Nov 8, 1998 some of friends, who were locked up with us, went missing. We are baffled on how this happened and are now very worried of our safety.

"There are only 10 of us left in this jail and we appeal to the international community to intervene to find our friends.

"The names of those who disappeared are:

1. Abel dos Santos Xavier, 25, from KP Bidau Santana - Dili Timur
 2. Mario Jose Ximenes, 21, from Desa Bui-bau, Baucau
3. Salustiano Freitas, 38, from KP Sama Laku, DS Wailili, Baucau
4. Manuel Sarmento, 22, from KP Rajawali, DS Tiriloka, Baucau
5. Paulo da Costa, 31, from KP Darasula, DS Gari-urai, Baucau
6. Domingus de Olivero, 32, from Kp Angkasapura, DS Tiriloka, Baucau
7. Jeronimo Soares, 27, from Ds Vemase, Baucau
8. Celestino Gama, 24, Bidau Santana, Dili Timur

"We are really worried about our friends. The circumstances under which they have gone missing are really strange. We do not discount the possibility that they might have been killed by the military.

"Day by day, our conditions here get more precarious. Our daily rations keep decreasing and there are more and more military in full combat gear coming into the jail and giving us fierce looks.

Please help us..."

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