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Subject: East Timor - Alas situation
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 09:04:24 -0500
From: "MMIETS" <>(by way of Charles Scheiner )

Mary MacKillop Institute of East Timorese Studies PO Box 299 St Marys NSW 1790 20 Mamre Road St Marys NSW 2760 Phone 61 2 9623 2847 Fax 61 2 9623 1573 Email:

Dear Friends,

A recent visitor to East Timor has just arrived back here in Sydney over the weekend and has been asked to pass on the following information which was signed by Mau Hodu [Member of Central Committee — Fretilin, Secretary Standing Political Commission]. Please pass this information to others and do what you can to assist.


9 Nov 98 A unit of guerrillas under the command of Commander Falur raided the Koramil post at Alas and captured 38 arms. The Indonesian casualties - 2 dead.

10 Nov 98 Then the Indonesians retaliated using the combined forces of the following battalions: Unit Inteligen Kopasus, Rajawali Battalion 744, 745 and Marine forces.

Many men and young people fled to the bush (more or less 200) and are being caught and killed in the bush.

Those who have remained in the villages will not be able to escape the retaliation and repression.

Even the King (Liurai) of Ferik Saren, Vicente was captured in his own house, taken to Ue Aibarike / Fahi Nehan and stabbed by solders of Battalion 744.

On 16 Nov 98 A unit from Kopasus intelligence led by an agent called Kapela, armed with G3's, arrested in their respective homes the following people:

1. Cursinu da Costa, 23 yrs old, farmer 2. Bensiol da Costa, 16 yrs old, student 3. Januário da Costa Franco, 14 yrs old

These three are all children of Jeremias da Costa and Filomena da C Fernandes.

4. Duarte da Costa Fernandes, 23 yrs old, farmer 5. Egidio da Costa, 23 yrs old, student 6. Tobias, 28 yrs old, married, primary school teacher 7. Jakolo, 35 yrs old, married, primary school teacher 8. Alvitu, 29 yrs old, married, primary school teacher

These were all from the region of Taitudak / Ferik Saren / Alas.

>From the village Seliasa / Betanu. are:

9. Acácio Conceicão, 27 yrs old, park ranger 10. Hermenigildo, teacher 11. S Alves, 40 yrs old

Signed: Mau Hodu Member of Central Committee — Fretilin Secretary Standing Political Commission

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