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Subject: Int'l Conference on East Timor in Osaka
Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 12:10:58 -0500
From: "John M. Miller" <> To:

International Conference on East Timor

Jointly organized by Kansai Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies of Osaka University of Foreign Studies and the University of Aveiro

Theme: East Timor --- History and Conflict Resolution Date: December 5-6, 1998 Time: 10AM-5PM Venue: Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Japanese Language Center Hall Speakers and Discussants:

Mario Carrascalao, Member of the Supreme Advisory Council of Republic of Indonesia, former East Timor Governor Armindo Maia, former vice-rector of University of East Timor Muhammad Hikam, researcher, LIPI (Indonesian Academy of Sciences) Arnold Kohen, journalist, USA Jose Gracio, University of Aveiro Espirito-Santo, University of Aveiro Rui Araujo, journalist, Portugal Kenichi Goto, Waseda University Geoffrey Gunn, Nagasaki University Richard Tanter, Kyoto Seika University Kiyoko Furusawa, Keisen University Akira Kohno, Osaka University of Foreign Studies Akihisa Matsuno, Osaka University of Foreign Studies a few more to come

Notes to participants: 1. Everyone is welcome. No charge to attend the conference. 2. Lunch, dinner and accommodation can be arranged through the organizing committee. See the attached explanation below. 3. The whole conference is held in English only, except a session on Japan where English-Japanese translation is available.

For those who need meals and accommodation, please fulfil the following sheet and fax it to us.

Fax Number +81-727-30-5370 +81-6-321-5579

Your name: Organization: Address: Tel: Fax: E-mail:

Lunch and Dinner: If you want lunch and dinner that are arranged by the organizing committee, you need to book them beforehand. Please check what you need and pay at the cafeteria every time.

[ ] welcome reception party on December 4, Friday, evening at 7 PM (4000 yen) [ ] lunch on December 5 (1000 yen) [ ] dinner on December 5 (1500 yen) [ ] lunch on December 6 (1000 yen) [ ] dinner on December 6 (1500 yen)

Accommodation: You can book a room with specila discount of the Hotel Mare Minami-senri just in front of the Minami-senri Station of the Hankyu Senri Line. You need to take a train from there to Kita-senri and a bus bound for the univeristy. Please check what you need.

[ ] single room (approx. 7400 yen including breakfast) [ ] twin room (approx. 14000 yen including breakfast)

[ ] December 4 [ ] December 5 [ ] December 6

How to get to the university:

1. From Osaka, take the subway Midosuji-line to Senri-chuo, then take a Hankyu bus to Matani-jutaku. Get off the bus at Matani-jutaku No. 4, and there you see the university. The Japanese Language Center is located on the north-east edge of the campus with a green roof.

2. From Shin-Osaka, take the subway Midosuji-line to Senri-chuo and follows the instructions above.

3. If you think Hankyu Senri-line is more convenient, you go to Kita-senri and then take a Hankyu bus to Matani-jutaku. Gett off the bus at Matani-jutaku No. 4.

4. If you take a taxi from Senri-chuo or Kita-senri, it will cost about 2000 yen with 15 minutes or so. Ask at the gate where the Japanese Language Center is located.

If you need further explanation, please contact:

Akihisa Matsuno Osaka University of Foreign Studies 8-1-1 Aomadani-higashi, Minoo, Osaka 562-0022 JAPAN tel/fax. +81-727-30-5270 (office) tel. +81-6-321-5579 (home) fax. +81-6-370-8314 (home) e-mail.

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