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Subject: Xanana in hospital for minor operation
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 12:23:34 GMT

From: "Solidamor" <>

SOLID-NET Diterbitkan oleh SOLIDAMOR Solidaritas untuk Penyelesaian Damai Timor Timur Jl. Pramuka Jaya Sari No. 9 Telpon: 4224079 Faks: 4226348 E-mail:

Translation by TAPOL



Today Wednesday 11 November at 11.15 am, Xanana Gusmao leader of the people of East Timor underwent a minor operation at St Carolus Hospital in Jakarta on his right wrist. Members of Solidamor were able to visit him before the operation. His sister Armandina Gusmao and a niece is with him in hospital, along with a priest. Hospital officials said Xanana arrived in the hospital yesterday.

Two prison officers and four uniformed policemen have accompanied him to hospital. A reporter and a TV crew came to the hospital, hoping to do a story but were ordered to leave by a hospital official.

After the operation, Xanana will immediately be returned to Cipinang Prison and will be permitted to visit the hospital only once for a post-operation check-up.

Tri Agus S. Siswowihardjo Media Relation

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