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Subject: US Bans weapons
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 09:29:45 +0000
From: "East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign" <> Organization: ETISC



The United states on Wednesday banned the use in East Timor of weapons supplied to Indonesia and continued a ban on education and training aid to the Indonesian armed forces.

President Bill Clinton signed the restrictions into law as part of a massive 500 billion catch-all spending bill sent to him by Congress on Wednesady whcih included US foreign aid programmes.

With this legislation, Washington stated that any weapons sold to Indonesia should not be used in East Timor.

This could be the most support any Congress has shown for East Timorese rights since Indonesia first invaded in 1975, the East Timor Action Network said.

The group's Washington representative, Lynn Fredrikson said the action was seen as a signal to Indonesian Presdient B.J. Habibie and the Indonesian military that the United States finds the occupation of East Timor unacceptable.

the Indonesian military has been accused of persistant human right sabuses in East Timor. The United Nations still recognise Portugal as the administrating power of its former colony.

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