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Public Officials Email & Contact Information
Postings of Human Rights Violations in East Timor

October 1 - 7
Troops being positioned for attack in E Timor
Referendum Unlikely to Work, Says Alatas
Skyhawk refurbishment in Aotearoa
UDT statement on Australian election

Indonesia's Habibie faces reform dilemma
Habibie tells military to reform
Massive troop buildup in East Timor
A common strategy in ETimor and WPapua?
Timing Indon Offensive in East Timor, and UN
Xanana Gusmao's Message on the East Timor Referendum, Dili
JRH says autonomy only acceptable if referendum guaranteed
Jakarta says no to referendum
ETAN Condemns Indonesian Troop Build-up
Arbitraty detention and torture
Case IDN-TMP 061098-Indonesia-East Timor-Arbitrary Detention-Torture

October 8 - 14
Civil servants threatenend in ETimor
CliffMorris,TimorCmdo-Activist dies
Indonesian military violates human rights in East Timor
United Methodist News Service- Support continues for East Timor
AETN Urgent INDON offensive
Fighter plane purchase covered by export
UN- Marker on Senior Officials Meeting
Int'l Commission of Jurists Investigation- 'Balibo and Beyond'
Indonesians attack; East Timorese in silent protest

400 E.Timor Students Take Refuge After Assaults by "Ninjas"
Action Website Calendar
16 Flee East Timor Prison
Indonesia's next Madam President

60,000 protest against pro-Indon.ET Govenor
East Timorese demand referendum on Indonesian rule
Thousands of ETimorese protest for second day
Thousands rally in East Timor demanding ouster of governor
19 year old E Timorese woman raped, killed
Bishop cautions East Timorese demonstrators to stay peaceful- report
CNRT rep attacked in Dili
East Timorese demand referendum, prisoners riot
ETHRC UA 9-97PR3- Progress Report
Indon reinforces police presence in ET
New group protests to demand resignation of East Timor governor
Amnesty International - EAST TIMOR Torture
Report Of The Solidarity Movement For Public Servant In East Timor
UN- Sec Gen'l on situation in E Timor

October 15 - 21
Alatas to Meet East Timorese Leaders on Bali
Alatas meets East Timorese - but not CNRT
Belo calls for troop cut
The independence stand-off, report from Dili

Ramos-Horta applauds Pinochet's arrest
Belo will not participate in AIETD
Resistance criticises Alatas' meeting in Bali
About Pinochet-Prabowo Subianto

Xanana op-ed to Washington Post

October  22 - 31
ET Governor expected to be replaced next month
UK turns down visa application from Prabowo
US Bans weapons
Appropriations Bill Language
Portugal, Resistance Applaud U.S. Congress Actions Against Indonesia
UN Envoy meets Xanana
Arrest Pinochet, arrest Suharto
Balibo Inquiry Cover-up
Suharto's Lilybank Must Be Seized

Call for Special Inter-Pol Unit
AIETD to discuss autonomy models
ETRA Denis Freney Activist Award 1998

ETRA Michele Turner Awards
ETimor governor threatens to revoke scholarships
ET governor to take part in AIETD
Oz Opposition Demands Int'l Observers in ET
Canadian Foreign Minister meets with Ramos Horta
ET Governor threatens to suspend scholarships
Media Language
Alatas says some combat troops remain in ET
Bishop calls for E. Timorese dialogue to include political topics
Indonesian forces are preparing a military operation
Indonesia shelves arms purchases
Australia denies report of severed links with Kopassus
Indonesian general to ignore US damages ruling
Suspension of Kopassus ties welcomed

EU-Indonesia rights seminar adopts 20 recommendations
British ruling on Pinochet violates international law
Australia postpones Indonesian military exercises
CNRT-FPI- Indonesian Troop Update
ABRI chief says it is "lies" -  report on East Timor troops
All-Inclusive Intra-East Timorese Dialogue to Start
Australian court victory for E Timor refugees
Australia says E Timor peace process in jeopardy
Free Xanana Poster
Prisoners from Becora Prison
Ramos Horta in Canada

Troop documents - Indonesia increased E.Timor troops


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