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Subject: Call for Special Unit
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 16:17:05 +0000
From: "East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign" <> Organization: ETISC


The East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign is calling for the establishing of a special Inter-Pol unit which can be alerted by governments individuals and organisations to the imminent arrival, within the EU, of alleged war criminals and human rights abusers.

" The arrest of General Pinochet answers the call from the victims and their families for those who commit crimes against humanity to be pursued to the ends of the earth in order to account for their crimes," said Tom Hyland of the ETISC.

Hyland continued, " We know that countries are co-operating on issues of drug-trafficking and money laundering and we are calling on them to expand this to the area of major human rights violations. We suggest the establishment of a human rights 'violators' register so that national governments can inform each other of the arrival of these alleged 'violators'. We are conscious that this is only an initial step and the will must exist to tackle this issue on a regional and global scale. There is a new phenomenon happening and that is that judges in Europe and elsewhere are understanding the feelings of their national citizens and pursuing people who have been involved in genocide and crimes against humanity. Our task as human rights activists is to extend this 'revolution of the judges' to national governments. We know, for example, a former military officer who was allegedly involved in the killing of two British journalists and yet this individual, has up to now, been allowed unhindered access to the UK."

MORE INFORMATION 671 9207 OR 087 286 0122 East Timor Ireland Solidarity Campaign Suite 16, Dame House 24-26 Dame Street Dublin 2 Telephone 00 353 1 671 9207/ 677 0253 /623 3148 Mobile 087 286 0122 Fax 00 353 1 671 9207 Timorese Community in Ireland 00 353 1 453 1462 web Offices in: Dublin Belfast Laois Galway Claremorris

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