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Subject: Re: CNRT/FPI: ASSUNTO: INFORMACAO (translated)
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 23:47:53 PST
From: "carlos freitas de abreu" <>

Please excuse my translation and my English, nevertheless this letter is extremely disturbing. Around 10,000 Indonesian solder are positioned all over East Timor around FALINTIL positions. They are about to start an all out surprise attack on FALINTIL forces.

Carlos F. Abreu ------------------begin translation


1. Indonesian forces are preparing a military operation using "suprise attack" tactics around FALINTIL positions previewed fo 28 October 1998 until 11 November 1998. For this action, they have withdrawn all East Timorese [sic] in Indonesian military service from East Timor in order to return to the teritory via Dili harbour during 17, 18 and 19 of October.

Each landing will be composed of a total 60 to 100 active elements carying 60 packages [sic] of amo and 40 boxes of light arms. The active military elements travel using comercial ships [sic]. After landing, they immediately joined with 744 and 745 batallion, which are already structured in East Timor.

2. 2 platoon are located in each district, their nuber is a mix of military and mobile brigace (Brimob-Special Command of Police)

3. In Cupang, capital of West Timor were landed 2 C130 Hercules transporting 3 batallions of detention [batalhoes de detencao] composed by: 1 batallion of Linud "Air Force commnad", 1 batallion of Marinir "the marines" and 1 batallion of Kostrad "Infantry estrategic command".

4. Located in the district of Ermera 7 batallions, namely 612, 144, 513, 527, 744 and 745 mixed with SGI and Halilintar.

5. In Viqueque, near river Luca was landed 1 more batallion of Indonesian forces and have started their military operations starting from the landing point until south of Los Palos.

Ao todo anivel do territorio de Timor Leste a partir dos principios ate meados de Outubro encontram-se ao todo 12 batalhoes com o total de 9,600 efectivos militares compostos por tropas da Infantaria e Atiradores Especias de Brimob.

Overall in East Timor, starting from early till mid October, are positioned 12 batallions totalling 9,600 active military forces with regular infantry soldiers and Brimob.

It is all we have to inform at this moment.

For the good of the struggle.

East Timor, 27 October 1998
From Military Political Command of Region 3-Cruzeiro
Cranek Hali Mesak Vice Secretary

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