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Subject: JP: AIETD to start
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 07:48:54 -0500
From: "John M. Miller" <>

Intra-Timorese talks to begin in Austria 30th October 'Jawa Pos' , Surabaya

"AIETD to discuss East Timor political status" , 28th October

Dili: The All-Inclusive Intra-East Timorese Dialogue (AIETD), the internal reconciliation forum for East Timorese, will discuss the political status of that area. The dialogue is scheduled to be held from 30th October to 3rd November in Krumbach, Austria. The discussions will be unusual, in that talks held in that forum to date have been dominated by East Timorese economic and cultural issues.

"I am certain that East Timor's political status will be discussed, as regards either regional autonomy or a referendum. Of course, there is no guarantee that we will achieve an agreement at the AIETD meeting," said a participant from East Timor, Drs Armindo Maia. "At the very least, we will discuss the substance of the broad autonomy proposed by the UN for East Timor" , he added.

Armindo declared his personal support for the negotiations held by Indonesia, Portugal, and the UN to settle the East Timor issue. But the last word must be accorded to the East Timorese themselves. Responding to a threat of an AIETD boycott by a group of East Timorese youth, Armindo said, "I don't think that would be appropriate. The AIETD is the only forum organised by the UN which brings together East Timorese from diverse political backgrounds. If we waste this opportunity, what will be left?" he said.

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