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Subject: Indonesians attack; East Timorese in silent protest
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 17:34:57 +1000
From: Geoffrey Heard <>


For immediate release: 3 pm AEST, Saturday 10/10/98

UDT condemns major Indonesian attack on East Timorese stronghold as UN talks proceed

PERTH (Australia): The Timorese Democratic Union (UDT) has condemned a major Indonesian attack on an East Timorese Falintil stronghold - an apparent attempt to either wipe out or seriously weaken armed Timorese resistance to Indonesia's illegal occupation

UDT's Secretary-General, Mr Domingos De Oliviera, said it was typical of Indonesia that they would launch a major attack on East Timorese as they were going to the negotiating table at the United Nations for talks on East Timor's fate. He said it demonstrated once again that President Habibie was either a complete hypocrite or simply a puppet in the hands of a murderous military. "Indonesia talks about 'special status' for East Timor within Indonesia. We East Timorese reject that totally. East Timorese have had 23 years to learn that 'special status' in Indonesia means being totally exploited by a corrupt and vicious regime, under which rape, torture and murder are daily realities," Mr De Oliviera said. "We want self-determination and independence."

Mr De Oliviera said sources in Dili reported five Indonesian battalions, 612, 646, and 741 regular soldiers and two elite battalions of commandos and paratroops, had surrounded the Falintil stronghold and had been advancing over the past two to three days. The Falintil Chief Commander, Tau Mata Rua, was in the area under attack. In addition, anther Falintil leader, Mau Hudu, with a party of 40 people, was going into the area to meet Tau Mata Rua a few days ago. Mr De Oliviera said the ordinary people of East Timor support the struggle for independence. This is being shown in Dili itself today with a silent protest which has brought the capital to a halt. East Timorese are refusing to work or go out in protest against the Indonesian appointed Governor, Abilio Ozório Soares. Governor Soares has been circulating calls for East Timorese to turn forget ideas of independence and support the integration of East Timor into Indonesia.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Domingos De Oliviera, Secretary-General, UDT % 08 9384 7943 Issued on behalf of UDT by Geoffrey Heard & Associates Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

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