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Subject: AI FI129/97 EAST TIMOR Torture
Date: 14 Oct 98 14:51:39 -0400
From: UA E-Mail Incoming <>

Paper reprints authorised. Electronic redistributors  must request permission from Amnesty International.   Contact:

PUBLIC AI Index: ASA 21/96/98 14 October 1998

Further information on UA 129/97 (ASA 21/33/97, 2 May 1997) - Possible "disappearance" / Fear for safety and new concern: Torture / "disappearance"


Released: Domingos Laranjeira Marcelino Fransisco dos Santos Jose Sobral

"Disappeared": Felisberto Maria dos Santos (alias Sole-Solep)(correct spelling)

There are grave fears for the safety of Felisberto Maria dos Santos who was arrested on 30 March 1997 at a security checkpoint in the subdistrict of Atabae, Bobonara, in the west of East Timor, by plain-clothed SGI (Military Intelligence Unit) personnel.

Felisberto Maria dos Santos was arrested with Domingos Laranjeira, Marcelino Fransisco dos Santos and Jose Sobral. At the time of their arrest, the four men were blindfolded and taken to SGI Headquarters at Colmera, Dili. That night, Felisberto Maria dos Santos, Jose Sobral and Marcelino Fransisco dos Santos were taken by boat in the direction of Atauro Island, stripped naked and thrown into the sea. The next morning they were returned to SGI headquarters, where they were interrogated while being subjected to electric shocks.

On 4 April 1997, the three men were blind-folded and transferred to Rumah Merah (Red House), a military detention centre in Baucau. Felisberto Maria dos Santos was beaten up on the way to Rumah Merah. Domingos Laranjeira was taken to Rumah Merah in a separate car and later released.

Between 5 and 7 May 1997, Felisberto Maria dos Santos, Jose Sobral and Marcelino Fransisco dos Santos were detained together at Rumah Merah. On 7 May, Marcelino Fransisco dos Santos was transferred to Kopassus headquarters in Los Palos. Jose Sobral was kept in detention at Rumah Merah until 14 January 1998, at which time he was taken in a truck to Dili and released. Marcelino Fransisco dos Santos was released from Kopassus custody on 22 April 1998.

On 8 May 1997, Felisberto Maria dos Santos was transferred to an unknown detention centre. Despite making inquiries to the Indonesian military on four separate occasions, his family has received no further information regarding his whereabouts.

FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/telexes/faxes/express/ airmail letters in English or Bahasa Indonesia or in your own language:

  • urging the authorities to establish and make public the whereabouts of Felisberto Maria dos Santos, and to give the reason for his arrest;
  • calling for a full impartial investigation into reports that Jose Sobral and Marcelino Fransisco dos Santos were tortured in custody;
  • reminding the government of its commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in particular Article 5:"No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment".

APPEALS TO: (Time difference = GMT + 7 hrs / BST + 6 hrs)

President Jusuf Habibie [Salutation: Dear President Habibie] Presiden RI Istana Negara Jakarta Pusat Indonesia Fax:+ 62 21 526 8726 / +62 21 380 5511 / +62 21 345 7782 Telex: 44283 BIGRA IA; 44469 DEPLU IA Telegram: President Habibie, Jakarta, Indonesia

PLEASE SEND COPIES OF YOUR APPEALS TO: His Excellency Mr Rahardjo Jamtomo, Embassy of Indonesia, 38 Grosvenor Square, London W1X 9AD. Fax: 0171 491 4993



Maj. Gen. Adam Damiri Pangdam IX/Udayana Markas Besar KODAM IX/Udayana Denpasar Bali Indonesia


Maj. Gen. Zacky Anwar Makarim Markas Besar ABRI Jl. Merdeka Barat 13 Cilangkap Jakarta Timur Indonesia

PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Please do not send appeals after 25 November 1998.

If you have any queries about this Urgent Action or about  the UA scheme in general, please contact:  Ray Mitchell / Becky Hess  Amnesty International UK Section  99 - 119 Rosebery Avenue  London EC1R 4RE email:

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