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Subject: Report Of The Solidarity Movement For Public Servant In East Timor
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 08:41:21 +0930

Report Of The Solidarity Movement For Public Servant In East Timor

Due to the statement of Governor Abilio to resign all public servant that not support autonomy giving by Indonesia to East Timor then in East Timor there is a three days consecutive organized by "comissao Politica Nacional of CNRT". Following are the details of the three days demonstration:

· Saturday, 10 October 1998: Grave not go outside of the house

During Saturday, Dili City has been quit. All office, shops are closed. Early in the morning, working time, from east to the West City of Dili in every corner of the street a group of the youth for security controlled the city. For all peoples who passed, they invite politely these peoples to go back to their house. It is noticed that all peoples supported the action. None of the public servant and private companies work on Saturday. The people who has the privilege to work at that time only, those who work in hospital, telecom and electricity. The rest are invited to be solider with all public servants to protest against Ablio.

· Sunday, 11 October 1998: Thousand of people demonstrate in Dili

Following the grave action of Saturday, On Sunday thousand of people come to the street to continued protesting Abilio. By using vehicles and motorcycles they walk around Dili City. At the beginning the action suppose to concentrate in front of the governor office and then tour around Dili. This plane has not succeed because the police has block the area and not allow the demonstrate passed the area. Since the police did not allow to concentrate in front of the governor office then the people by using the vehicles and motorcycles they just processing around the governor office and all strategy places of the Dili City. The route of the tour was started near by governor office by passing the Dili Football camp, strait to Mercado Municipal Dili, turn to Caicoli- Untim-Vila Verde-Bairro Pite, Comoro. From comoro then the convey across the main street of Comoro Airport to Dili Capital that named as "Jl.Ibu Tien Soeharto" by Governor Abilio and turn left by passing governor Residence in "praia dos coqueiros". In front of the residence where Abilio stay, the peoples condemned Abilio and asking him to leave his position because he is not capable to be as governor for East Timor. Integration is Illegal so Abilio is an illegal leader.

Besides asking Abilio to leave as governor some others in loudly voice says: "Viva Xanana, Viva Referendum, Viva Taur Mata Ruak, Viva CNRT and Viva Timor Leste. >From Praia dos coqueiros then the demonstrant continued the convey to Audian, Becora-Taibessi-Balide- Caicoli- Mercado Municipal Dili and finished in "lapangan Pramuka"(Escola China). Along the street peoples staying in side of the street and raise their two fingers to the demonstrator and say " viva-viva".

The vice governor, Johanes Suryo Prabowo and his wife in their residence in praia dos coqueiros also assist the convey while the Dandim of Dili also assist the convey when the demonstrant passed the military office.

The objective of the demonstration is to protest the statement of Abilio that treat the Public servant to be resigns if they do not support the autonomy. The Public servant says that Abilio statement is not according to the spirit of reform and the result of the reconciliation meeting of Dare. As a protest the "Forsarepetil " and CNRT mobilize the people to protest Abilio and asking Abilio to leave his governance.

· Monday, 12 October 1998: Continuation of the Demonstration

Continuation of the demostration. This day the participant for the demostration is more then Sunday. Thousand of vehicles and Motorcycles participating in the demostration. The second day of the demostration involve also people from four regencies such as Liquica approximately 25-30 cars exclude motorcycles, Ermera 25-30 cars exclude motorcycles, Aileu 15-20 and Manatuto the same.

>From Dili thousand of vehicles take part in solidarity for public servant. The demostration start at 9:50 in front of Kodim Dili with the same route. Again activities in Dili has been quite. The military just concentrate in their places. The police also only stay in their places. The youth guarantee the security.

East Timor International Support Center PO Box 651, Nightcliff, Darwin NT 0814, Australia

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