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Subject: Civil servants threatenend in ETimor
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998 13:56:57 +0930
From: "East Timor International Support Center" <> Organization: East Timor International Support Center

Civil servants threatened and Lospalos bupati supporting Team Alpha

We received this piece of news from Dili yesterday:

Jakarta-installed Governor Abilio Osorio has issued a threat to civil servants that they would be sacked if they did not support the Indonesia-proposed autonomy for East Timor.

The sack warning came on Oct 5 at a meeting, in Dili, of all district and sub-district heads together with heads of departments. The governor also issued a statement based on the following points:

It is essential for all civil servants to disassociate themselves from all groups opposed to Indonesia's model of autonomy for East Timor. There is no choice for civil servants -- they must support Jakarta and not advocate the separation of East Timor from Indonesia. If public servants want to express their own opinion, not in accordance with Jakarta's policy, they will have to leave their jobs at once.

All district and department heads must implement Jakarta's policy for autonomy immediately and identify all civil servants who are against Indonesia's proposal. They must report the identities of these civil servants to the governor.

By the end of October, all district and department heads must submit a report to the governor with the names of civil servants opposed to autonomy.

There are indications that the Lospalos district head (bupati) is now actively supporting the "Team Alpha" para-military group in order to intimidate Timorese calling for a referendum in the territory.

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