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Subject: Information from East Timor
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 1998 21:19:38 +0100

Indonesian military and violation of Human Rights in East Timor.


AEPPOLTI- Association de Ex-presos políticos Timorenses--in english (Timorese Ex-political Prisoners of Association ) have got the information from East Timor that, at this moment, indonesian government sent more twelve (12) batallions of effective militaries to East Timor

Now,three (3) batallions are meeting in Lospalos, seven (7) batallions are colocated between Manatuto,Bacau and Viqueque.Two (2) batallions are colocated in Ermera,s District.Seven batallions are five (5) thousands to attack strongly guerrilla fighters in Laleia and Manatuto.They wanted to capture the Commander of Armed Resistence, Taur Matan Ruak.

Those indonesian attacks were effected operations against guerrilla fighters, before of the talks between Portuguese Ambassador and Indonesian Ambassador in United Nations on East Timor,s issue.

During indonesian attacks against guerrilla fighters, there were detentions of seven (7) timoreses on Friday, in Wailori-Viqueque. They were suspected by the indonesian forces that they colaborated with Armed Resistence.

They are here : Gregorio da costa, Domingos da Costa, Abel Funu-Mau, Manuel Zunga, Fernando da Cruz, Sertório da Costa e Júlio Ximenes. They were arrested by the batallion 646.

in Ermera, 13 th August 1998, indonesian forces have killed seven (7) elements from Falintil. Here they are : Commander Alberto dos Santos (Mau-Caro), Arcanjo dos Santos, Júlio Pinto dos Santos, Domingos dos Santos, Sadia, Luis da Conceição e Deolindo Gonçalves.

AEPPOLTI want to demand to indonesian government about the disappearence of seven (7) timoreses.Where are they ? Are they puting into the prison ? have they killed by the indonesian forces ?

indonesian government must take full resposibility for their lives because indonesian government promised to improve human Rights in east Timor. The new government of reformations promised to the Internatinal Community to stop the violation of Human Rights in East Timor and Indonesia.

AEPPOLTI appeal to the Internatinal Organizations of Human Rights like Amnesty International, Commission of Human Rights and American Watch to demand indonesian governmenton whereabouts of seven (7) timoreses.

Thank you very much for all attention.

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