Subject: LUSA: Timorese students stage protest in Surabaya
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 07:25:18 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Sharon R.A. Scharfe" <>

25 SET 98 - 11:37 East Timor: East Timorese students stage protest in Surabaya

Jakarta, Sept. 25 (Lusa) - A group of East Timorese students held a peaceful protest rally in the East Javanese capital of Surabaya on Thursday, demanding an immediate referendum in the occupied territory.

Dozens of university students and pro-democracy activists from other parts in Indonesia joined the East Timorese protesters in the half-hour rally in front of the US consulate in the city.

A statement handed to a US consular official outlined three demands: An immediate referendum on independence for East Timor, rejection of a ''special autonomy'' status offered by Jakarta and mediation by the United Nations to ensure an internationally supervised referendum in the occupied territory.

''Implement UN resolutions and hold referendum in East Timor,'' and ''Autonomy No, Referendum Yes,'' were among the slogans on banners unfurled during the half-hour protest rally.

Indonesian occupied East Timor, a former Portuguese overseas province, in December 1975. Jakarta annexed the half-island off northern Australia in July 1976.

However, the UN still considers Portugal the rightful administering power of East Timor. Portugal and Indonesia have held talks on the issue of East Timor under the auspices of the UN in New York.

Indonesia's new regime under B.J. Habibie has offered to grant ''special autonomy'' to East Timor in return for international recognition of its sovereignty over the territory of some 800,000 inhabitants.-Lusa nnnn

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