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Postings of Human Rights Violations in East Timor

September 1 - 7
ABRI claims more troops out eventually
Australia must review military ties with Indonesia
Open Letter from Taur Matan Ruak to all East Timorese
Life expectancy in East Timor less than 50 years
Indonesia Disappearance-Fear for safety
China accuses Habibie; World Bank guidelines; telphone rates
Timor inmates on hunger strike
Belo to seek supports for upcoming dialog
APCET Council Statement
Publications on East Timor in 97 & 98
Tensions Mount Over Oil-Rich East Timor

September  8 - 14
Autonomy without strings, says UN envoy
Military & police support dialog
More Inmates Join Hunger Strike for Release of E.Timor Leader
E. Timorese refugees are 'sound and safe'
E. Timorese set up organisation name Xanana as head
Students plan mass protest to push Habibie out of office
Xanana Gusmao's paper to NZ conference

Rebels claim Indonesia sent fresh trrops into E.Timor
SOLIDAMOR- Deception on a grand scale

Structure of National Timorese Resistance Council made public
East Timor parties end first talks in Dare
ABRI denies sending more troops to East Timor

Belo calls for setting-up United Front
JRHorta- Time to break E.Timor chains
UDT holds "open door" meeting in Dili

September 15 - 21
Indonesian troops flooding into East Timor
Rice looted in E Timor
Australia Labor's E. Timor policy shift
FRETILIN- Organizacao da Mulher Timor (OMT)
Fossil fuel reserves to run out in 18 years' time
East Timorese Prisoners End 16-day Hunger Strike
Renetil Letter to UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan
ETAN/US Witnesses at Extraordinary Meeting in Timor
Caution on ALP Statement
Six East Timorese enter 2nd year in embassy
Systematic rapes in ET

16 ETimorese prisoners appeal in Surabaya for help
Dili in crisis of medicines
Nephew of David Alex claims he's alive
Xanana: Autonomy would help East Timor prepare for self-determination
Bishop urges Indonesian military to come clean on troop deployment

September 22 - 30
UNGA defers discussion on East Timor
US maintains restrictions on arms sales to Indonesia
BHP AGM Australia- Timor Gap ZOC
Discussion Paper about planning for an independent East Timor
Two State MPs return from fact-finding tour of ET
Indon troops launch offensive
Troop buildup in E Timor
NGOs urge Congress to support self-determination
Timorese students stage protest in Surabaya
UN High Commishioner for Human Rights on Indon. and ET

AEPPOLTI,s contest to Indonesian Government
Indonesia's instablity up
TAPOL and Ann Clwyd call for ban on arms sales
Amien Rais promises referendum in ET
Congress Bans Military Training for Human Rights Violators
Major East Timor Policy Shift On Eve Of General Election
URGENT ACTION- APCET member arrested in KL!
UPDATE- APCET member arrested in KL!
Timorese Youth's view on ALP's new policy
The AustralAsian's new home
Opposition vows shift on ETimor
Protest outside prison in Baucau
Soeharto's assets abroad must be seized
United Methodists push House bills on East Timor


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