Subject: AEPPOLTI,s contest to Indonesian Government
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 20:42:15 +0100

Note: AEPPOLTI is an association of former East Timorese political prisoners based in Portugal.

AEPPOLTI pretend to contest indonesian militaries recently in East Timor.

AEPPOLTI had got the news from East Timor that Indonesian Government sent again military forces to control the mountains, villages, villas and Dili, s cities.The populations transmited the news to AEPPOLTI that they are armed to make terror to the populations every nights and every days.

According with the news from East Timor, indonesian government needs to capture the leaders of Armed Resistence and some populations which refused the Special Autonomy to East Timor.

The proposal of the Special Autonomy is rejected by the timorese people.So, President B.J.Habibie, Ministers and Militaries are not satisfied with the people of East Timor.Now, they introduce again the military forces into the territory to violate the Human Rights.

Actually, indonesian government had sent more five batallions to increase its forces in East Timor for news attacks to Armed Resistence and to investigate the populations which help the guerrilla fighters.

Indonesian President Habibie and Minister of Defence, Mr Wiranto promised to the Interna- tional Community and United Nations to withdraw out the military forces from East Timor because they wanted to improve Human Rights in East Timor.

How is able indonesian government to improve Human Rights and to seek a good solution for East Timor question? If indonesian government continues to lie or to mislead always the International Community and its true friends in the World like in America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Therefore, AEPPOLTI appeals and alerts to the International Organizations of Human Rights USA, European Union and UNO to demand indonesian government to withdraw out its forces from East Timor and leaves timorese people to decide what they want to follow.

Thank so much for all the kind attention and solidarity.

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