Subject: The AustralAsian's new home
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 23:31:49 +0900
From: The AustralAsian <>

The AustralAsian has a new home at and a mirror site at for US netsurfers.

The AustralAsian is an on-line newspaper which reports, without fear or favour, on issues affecting the Asia-Pacific. We tell it as it is, without fear of censorship from either individuals or governments.

The AustralAsian On-Line is edited, in Darwin, by Sonny Inbaraj and Ilana Eldridge and updated regularly though the week. The e-mail version is currently available free of charge till the end of October and is aimed towards activists, journalists, academics, decision-makers and NGOs.

The AustralAsian For News, Views and Comments on the Asia-Pacific Visit Mirror site at for US and the Pacific

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