Subject: AI UA 193/98 Indonesia Disappearance/Fear for safety
Date: 03 Sep 98 16:22:07 -0400
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PUBLIC AI Index: ASA 21/87/98 3 September 1998

Further information on UA 193/98 (ASA 21/72/98, 7 July 1998) and follow-up (ASA 21/73/98, 9 July 1998 and ASA 21/78/98, 29 July 1998)) - "Disappearance"/Fear for safety/Medical concerns


Still "disappeared": Franciscus Delton Gerson Gawe, aged 29

Still detained: Filip Karma, Joumunda C Karma, aged 30 (formerly Constan Karma)

New Names:"Disappeared": Decki Kararbo, Welmus Rumpaisum, aged 62, Ishak Wamafma, Leo Manyakori, Semuel Faknik, Steven Wader, aged 53, Jhoni Inggabou, Ruslin Sroyer, aged 20

There is still no news of the whereabouts of Franciscus Delton Gerson Gawe, a taxi driver who was arrested in Biak on 6 July 1998 and who has subsequently "disappeared".

Amnesty International is also concerned for the safety of at least 8 other people reported missing following the violent breakup of a flag-raising ceremony in Biak on 6 July 1998. They include Decki Kararbo, Welmus Rumpaisum, Ishak Wamafma, Leo Manyakori, Semuel Faknik, Steven Wader, Jhoni Inggabou and Ruslin Sroyer. There are reports that Irene Sroyer may also be missing following the incident.

It is believed that 13 people remain in detention at the Biak Police headquarters. They include; Filip Karma, Joumunda C Karma, Neles Sroyer, Melki Kmur, Celsius Raweyai, Augustinus Sada, Andreas Marsyom, Marinus Ronsumbre, Klemens Rumasarwir, Lamekh Dimara, Robert Iwanggin, Adrianus Rumbewas and Nico Rumpaidus. They have been charged with rebellion under article 106 of the Criminal Code, which punishes separatism with a maximum of life imprisonment. There is continued concern regarding the medical condition of Filip Karma, who was shot in both legs, and Lamekh Dimara, who was reportedly shot in the right thigh. The military has now acknowledged that 24 people were wounded when it broke up the ceremony and has announced the establishment of a fact-finding team to investigate the events. One person, Ruben Orboy, died as a result of injuries he sustained during the breakup of the flag-raising ceremony in Biak.

FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telegrams/telexes/faxes/express/ airmail letters in Bahasa Indonesia or English or in your own language:

- urging the authorities to investigate the whereabouts of Francisco Delton Gerson Gawe, Decki Kararbo, Welmus Rumpaisum, Ishak Wamafma, Leo Manyakori, Semuel Faknik, Steven Wader, Jhoni Inggabou, Ruslin Sroyer and Irene Sroyer;

- requesting that Filip Karma and Lamekh Dimara have immediate, on-going and regular access to the medical treatment they require;

- seeking guarantees that those detained be given immediate access to independent legal representatives, members of their families and to medical attention.

APPEALS TO: (Time difference = GMT + 7 hrs / BST + 6 hrs) Please note that fax tones can be difficult to obtain

Commander of the Armed Forces

General Wiranto [Salutation: Dear General Wiranto] Panglima ABRI Markas Besar ABRI JL Medan Merdeka Barat No 13 Jakarta Timur Indonesia Telegrams: General Wiranto, Jakarta, Indonesia Faxes: + 62 21 36 1471 / 21 37 8144

Military Commander Region VIII/Trikora (covers Irian Jaya)

Major General Amir Sembiring [Salutation: Dear Major General Sembiring] Pangdam VIII/Trikora Markas Besar KODAM VIII/Trikora Jayapura, Irian Jaya Indonesia Telegrams: Maj Gen Amir Semiring, Markas Besar KODAM VIII/Trikora, Jayapura, Indonesia

PLEASE SEND COPIES OF YOUR APPEALS TO: His Excellency Mr Rahardjo Jamtomo, Embassy of Indonesia, 38 Grosvenor Square, London W1X 9AD. Fax: 0171 491 4993

PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Please do not send appeals after 15 October 1998.

If you have any queries about this Urgent Action or about the UA scheme in general, please contact:  Ray Mitchell / Becky Hess, Amnesty International UK Section, 99 - 119 Rosebery Avenue,  London EC1R 4RE email:

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