Subject: AN: Military & police support dialog
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 1998 06:34:33 +0700
From: "Leonardo J. Rimba" <>

Antara -- Monday, September 7, 1998


Dili, E Timor - The military and the police have expressed full support for the reconciliation dialog which Dili Bishop Carlos Felipe Ximenes Belo and Baucau Bishop Basilio do Nascimento will hold on Sept 10-11.

"All ranks of the armed forces, including the police, fully support the dialog so long as it is held for the good of the East Timorese. In tune with the theme of the dialog, which is "Unity Toward Peace", it is hoped that all participants would be engaged in the dialog in the spirit of the theme," head of the local military resort 164/Wira Dharma, Col (Army) Tono Suratmat, said here Monday.

He and chief of the East Timor Police, Col Timbul Silaen, received Belo and members of the dialog's organizing committee.

Suratmat said the two-day dialog would serve as a historical milestone for the East Timorese and should thus encourage them to unite.

On the occasion, Belo said the dialog, to be held in Dare Hill, some 5 km south of here, will be attended by only 50 invited participants living in East Timor, representing various political and educational backgrounds.

Those living outside East Timor, in Jakarta for example, and those remaining in the jungles will not be invited, he said, countering the rumor that these people will be invited to join the dialog.

According to Belo, the dialog participants would sit at the same table and should accept that there are differences among them.

This way, he said, they will realize the need for reconciliation for the sake of peace and welfare for the people of East Timor.

He also said that the participants will discuss the opinion of the province's Catholic Church, to be presented on the first day.

The church, in its opinion, will convey the ideas voiced by East Timorese groups during their dialogs with the two bishops last July and August, he said.

He added that the final statement to be made after the dialog will not contain any practical political solution to the East Timor question because the most important thing would be to ensure that the East Timorese would live in peace and unity and would no longer resort to rioting and demonstrations.

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