Subject: Lusa: E. Timorese refugees are 'sound and safe'
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 1998 10:28:34 +1300
From: sonny inbaraj <> Organization: The AustralAsian

East Timorese refugees are ''sound and safe,'' Austrian Foreign Minister says

Salzburg, Sept. 7 (Lusa) - A group of East T imorese refugees holed up in the e Austrian embassy in Jakarta for more than six months are ''sound and safe,'' Vienna's foreign minister said on Sunday.

Wolfgang Schuessel made the announcement at a press conference on the margins of a European Union meeting of a foreign ministers in Salzburg.

Schuessel also said that Vienna would continue to protect the East Timorese at its embassy compound in the Indonesian capital. Portuguese Foreign Minister Jaime Gama praised Austria for its ''correct behavior'' in handling the long-standing problem.

Gama Schuessel urged the new Indonesian regime under President Jusuf Habibie to solve the problem of the East Timorese refugees as soon as possible.

Gama also appealed to Jakarta to release all political prisoners.-Lusa

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