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January 1 - 14

January 15 - 21
Rebuilding in E Timor 'urgent'
E Timor's leaders set measures to spur recovery, ease tensions
Overcoming trauma part of the agenda
U.S. Warns Indonesia
Dili conference on Timor Gap oil
Timor Militias Launch War of Words
Australian Co Starts Darwin-Dili Commercial Air Service
Bishop Belo rejects Indon military probe
'Don't expect miracles', says Timor leader
EU drops arms embargo on Indonesia

It's time for Australia to come clean with its neighbors
Cosgrove lashes out at TNI for colluding with militia gangs
ETimor's first Tetun paper hits the streets!
East Timor inquiry ends questioning of TNI

Too much weaponry not enough school desks
UN Says Timorese Refugee's Children Suffer Malnutrition

Xanana to visit Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, China
Discrimination in East Timor
Indon Officer Admits- I buried massacre victims
Militia campaign pressures E Timorese to stay in camps

Police say watching for foreign criminals in E. Timor
UK Minister Defends Arms Sales to Indonesia
Indonesia Campaigns Against UN Court for E. Timor
Indon Generals' Lawyers In E Timor To Gather Evidence

Horta accuses Indonesian army of destabilization campaign
Language, Currency A Sore Point For New Nation

Ramos Horta condemns use of Jordanian troops in E Timor
Fear Rules Journey Home For E Timorese
Jakarta Setting Stage For Army Prosecutions
UN- Summary of SC work on E Timor

January 22 - 31
East Timor gets its own telephone country code
Reinstate EU arms ban on Indon, says rights group

Disease continues to take its toll on refugees in W Timor
E. Timorese get a taste of Western food by rummaging through trash
Forgotten- The Child Refugees of W. Timor
Indon vows to stop militia attacks in E.Timor; Wahid visit Feb 24
Jakarta Leaders Criticize U.S. Support As Meddling
KPP HAM to verify TNI's role in East Timor mayhem
Ramos Horta Points Finger At the Indon Military
Transfer to U.N. peacekeepers in Timor set to begin

Xanana clamps down on unruly Falintil elements
E. Timor Sets Lenders Economic Challenge
New UN Military Chief Arrives In East Timor

E Timor Vigilante Gangs At War Over UN's Failings
Pressure for International Tribunal Grows
Timor's losers gather to decide whether to go home or not
New Information Revealed On Moves Behind E Timor Vote

Over 200 involved in Timor atrocities
E Timor- Is Independence worth it?
S Korea Pledges Support For East Timor
UN authorities order police to seize weapons in E. Timor
UN spells out devastation in E. Timor; Warns of Unrest
E. Timorese Seethe At UN As Their Cities Remain a Wasteland
Justice must be done

Militia Mob Attacks British Journalist in W Timor Refugee Camp
Tour of Terror, Australian Police Officer Talks
Indonesia's Scorched Earth Plan
How Cosgrove led his warriors for peace
East Timorese Survivors Call for Justice
East Timor Issues First War-Crimes Warrants on Militia
Falintil taking tentative steps towards re-mobilisation
Asean's Commitment to New Nation Tested
Indonesia Rejects Int'l Probe into Abuses

January 1 - 14
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