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August 1 - 19

August 27 - 31
Reshaped CNRT sets course for move to independence
Human rights groups call for action on East Timor's missing
Ghosts Of The Past Still Haunt East Timor
East Timorese students want Australian apology
Annan Showed What One Leader Can Achieve

One Year Later
Reflections on East Timor

A Year Later, East Timor's People Are Still Waiting for Justice (IHT Op-Ed)
E Timorese statement on Disappeared
Independent Timor - One Year Later
(Democracy Now!)
Hello Mister- meet Timor's fast-money men 
(Australian Financial Review)
Ramos Horta- The Inside Story
(The Age)
Recalling East Timor Mayhem (Jakarta Post)
Open Letter to CNRT on Justice Issues (Int'l Support Groups)
Amnesty International says U.N. East Timor administration must move faster to protect rights (AP)
Interview- Jose Alexandre (Xanana) Gusmao (Newsweek)
Little Reason to Celebrate One Year Later (op-ed) (Japan Times)
Peace stirs a new nation to work towards a prosperous future (Sydney Morning Herald)
All is not well in East Timor -American doctor
Peace Unrequited (Newsweek)

UN, dignitaries pay tribute to East Timorese, urge return of refugees
Tensions begin to emerge among East Timorese
Tears flow, cheers ring out as East Timor marks anniversary of vote
Timor communities coping with complexities of reconciliation
Protesting ex-militia rampage in West Timor on vote anniversary
Pro-Integration Statement on Aug 30, 2000
Ousting Dark Forces Behind West Timor Militia

Ottawa slow to block arms to Indonesia
Gusmao tactics provoke UN attack
Falintil may take on militia, UN warned
East Timor may ask foreign troops to stay
Dili seeks more of oil profit
Bungled UN Aid Operation Slows East Timor's Recovery

Wheels Of Justice- Unfinished Business In Timor
UN Refugee Agency To Resume Work In W Timor
Tired war horse battles for relevance in new landscape
Terms of engagement
Militias Organizing To Thwart E. Timor Independence
For Indonesia, Right or Wrong
Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues Speech

Indonesian Military Wins Impunity
A Year Later, East Timor's People Are Still Waiting for Justice (IHT Op-Ed)
IFET Urges For International Tribunal
Suharto and the military win immunity from MPR (TAPOL)
UN & UNTAET Reaction to Indonesia's Constitutional Change Barring Prosecutions (AFP and KYODO)
Retroactivity Amendment: A far-reaching oversight (Jakarta Post Editorial)
Indon Foreign Minister fears those guilty will escape justice (Sydney Morning Herald)
In Indonesia, Safeguards for Military Over Rights Abuses (Washington Post and AFP)
Disgraced Military Emerges As The Big Winner of MPR Meeting (AP)
No International Rights Inquiry- Minister Shihab (Jakarta Post)
Wheels Of Justice- Unfinished Business In Timor
(HRW op-ed)

Retroactivity Amendment Regressive for Human Rights (Amnesty International)

see also Indonesia Names Suspects

August 20 - 26
Ghosts Of The Past Still Haunt East Timor
Women Refugees Held as Sex Slaves by Militia Thugs
Jakarta sends troops to defend aid workers in W. Timor
East Timor Leaders To Stay On
A Normal Life for E. Timorese
Youth's Role in the Development of Democracy in E Timor
A warhorse quits Timor's new fight
War crimes lawyer to study 1975 invasion
"High-ranking officers" among Timor suspects to be announced
E. Timor, Australia to begin sea boundary talks in Oct.

We are simple people who want to go home'
UNTAET recommends Human Rights Principles
W Timor Militias Try To Take Control Of Border Region
Pro-Jakarta militiamen harass Timorese- bishop
Pro Integration Party Joins the CNRT
East Timorese face an uncertain future
CRS will continue work in West Timor despite U.N. request
Armed militia negotiating return home

Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 2: 17 July 2000 with articles on Protecting East Timor's Environment; Environmental Health and Asbestos; Evaluation of Humanitarian Aid Process Released by UNTAET and more.

UNHCR mission attacked in West Timor
Team declares Wiranto suspect in Timor melee
Returning Militias Threaten E. Timor Peace
Falintil risks Jakarta's wrath as it joins peacekeepers
East Timor sets a course for democracy
Xanana's speech on Falintil 25th anniversary
UN, Gusmao outline the shape of things to come
'Shadowy' Kopassus Unit Blamed for Conflicts
Kostrad warns militias in West Timor
Falintil- Speech by Taur Matan Ruak, Commander

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now RealAudio programs and interviews with East Timorese leaders and activists at

Victims of Timor Militia Cry for Justice
Timor polls could be held Aug. 30 next year- UNTAET
Jakarta must punish E.Timor perpetrators -Australia
Indonesian, UN officials in East Timor to meet in Sumatra
E Timor's Falintil guerrilla army marks 25th anniversary
Indon soldiers may have "encouraged" E. Timor militias- Shihab
Members of the House of Representatives' letter to President Clinton
Mary Robinson grilled over justice in East Timor
'I'm no traitor to my country'- Gen. Tyasno

August 1 - 19
July 2000

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