Subject: MES: Timor keeps vet busy

WEDNESDAY, 10 JANUARY 2001 Manawatu Evening Standard

Timor keeps vet busy 09 JANUARY 2001 By DENISE MACKAY

Angela smith, the Massey University-trained vet who's a territorial army lieutenant in East Timor, is back into doctoring cats and dogs.

She hadn't expected to be using her civilian skills when she went to East Timor as liaison with civilian aid organisations working in the third battalion area.

But - just in case - she packed a few veterinary essentials.

And just as well, because word travels fast in East Timor.

"I left Ange the vet behind in New Zealand in favour of Ange the army officer, but I did pack some medication, my stethoscope and a textbook on the off-chance I could assist someone," Lt Smith said.

"Many of the international staff who work for the (aid) organisations such as Timor Aid and Medicins du Monde choose to keep pets.

"I guess it makes them feel a little more at home.

"The pets get sick, but they've never had anyone who could assist them. They heard I was a vet, and consequently I've been called out a few times to help them out."

A cat with flu and a dog with a suspected case of parvovirus have been her latest success stories.

"In all honesty I didn't do much for the cat.

"After a quick clinical examination he ran away, but I've heard he recovered."

The dog with parvovirus would not have survived without specialist assistance.

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