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Early January 

January 21 - 27

ETAN/IHRN - Continue Suspension of Military Ties With Indonesia 
Refugees release gov't officials held in W. Timor
East Timor Demands Oil Money
West Timor "Chief of Police to prioritize refugee problem"
Top E. Timorese wants U.S. to help Indonesian army
Soldier arrested as murder suspect
Australia Readying Concessions on Timor Gap Oil - Dili Official

Justice Update


East Timorese relatives of Domingos Gonçalves Pereira, who was killed in an organized massacre by militia in Maliana on September 8, 1999, listen as a judge reads the sentence against a pro-Indonesian militiaman at the Dili District Court Thursday, Jan. 25, 2001. In the first successful prosecution for the destruction of East Timor in 1999, the international court sentenced Joao Fernandes to 12 years in prison for murder. (AP Photo/Firdia Lisnawati)

East Timor Still Awaits Justice One Year After UN Inquiry Called for International Tribunal - ETAN

TAPOL demands international tribunal for East Timor on anniversary of UN report

Rights Groups Say Justice Still Long Way Off For E Timor
First Militiaman Sentenced For 1999 East Timor Rampage
E. Timor court says militiaman faces 10 years jail

E. Timor leader warns of war crimes tribunal
Justice plans for Timorese victims
Eurico's court hearing comes under spotlight
Indonesian judges rule trial of militia leader should go ahead
Militiamen Accused of Murdering UN Workers Fail To Appear In Court
Militia leader Guterres tells court he wants death sentence

UN closes in on killers of five Australian newsmen in Timor

Christopher Hitchens on Henry Kissinger  

International Crisis Group: Indonesia: Impunity Versus Accountability For Gross Human Rights Violations 

West Timor: Fake Kopassus soldier wanted power over E. Timor refugees
Six accused of killing UN workers want trial in West Timor
Militia Boss Guterres Questioned by Dili Investigators in Jakarta

Indonesia, Brazil to form triangle alliance with East Timor
Guterres refuses to be probed by UN over Timor atrocities
Garbage adds refugee problems
Dili Officials Meet Indonesian Leaders in Jakarta
Reconstruction of First Public Buildings Completed
Cardoso to Raise Subject of Refugees During Talks with Wahid
Indonesian Generals are Restless - Military Making a Comeback

UN and East Timor

UN says ET will need substantial aid at independence
Dili Wants UN To Stay 'Indefinitely' - Ramos Horta
UN to stay in Timor beyond independence, JRH

UN criticizes RI over handling of militias
Suspected killer of UN soldier to be tried in West Timor
Reconstruction an uphill climb
Timorese independence increasingly unlikely in 2001

Latest Report of Secretary-General to Security Council
UN Press Release on Security Council Session on East Timor
(Jan. 26, 2001)
Security Council Extends Mandate of UNTAET (Jan. 31, 2001)

January 14 - 20
Magic man ruffles Gusmao's vision
Falintil armed with CDs, not guns
West Timor leaders voice support for return of East Timor
Thai self-defence villages set-back
Militia leader claims he killed UN peacekeeper in self defense
UN against proposal to send trouble-makers back to East Timor
Independence Only with Adequate Infrastructures, says Bishop
Falintil Extinct at End of Month, Half to Join Defense Force

Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 4: 31 December 2000 with a focus on "The World Bank in East Timor."

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now RealAudio programs and interviews with East Timorese leaders and activists at http://www.webactive.com/pacifica/demnow.html

One good turn deserves another (PeaceJam)
Excerpts from Sec'y of State Powell Confirmation Hearing
Back from Oe Cusse, Gama Inaugurates Portuguese Cultural Center
Australia May Forego A$70 Mln in Timor Gap Fees
UN return to West Timor still not possible, UN official says
Testing Begins for Portuguese Scholarship Candidates
Promising Aid, Gama Urges UN To Extend UNTAET Mandate
Portuguese FM Gama Meets with Gusmão, CNRT Members
Indonesia insists W.Timor safe, urges UN to return
Controversy emerges on Guterres at court hearing

Return of the Revolutionaries (women activists)
Oil is more important to us than to Australia, says Gusmão
Journalists adopt ethics code

Early January
December 2000

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