Subject: West Timor News, 24 January 2001

Newspaper key: NTT X ­ NTT Ekspres; PK ­ Pos Kupang; ST ­ Surya Timor; RT ­ Radar Timor; SP ­ Sasando Pos

Wednesday, 24 January 2001

PK ­ "Chief of Police to prioritize refugee problem"

KUPANG ­ NTT Chief of Police, Brig. Gen. Jackobus Jacky Ully said the problem of E. Timor refugees in W. Timor is a priority as well as finishing the home work given by the former provincial police chief, I Made Mangku Pastika. The four areas of home work are repatriating refugees to E. Timor, fighting in Rote, burning of local residents' houses in Poto, and traffic problems. Of these four, resolution of the E. Timor refugee problem will be resolved soon. He will give a maximum effort to repatriating them. As someone who originates from NTT, he said he was here to work for the progress of the region and was here for all people of NTT, not for his family. Chief of the National Police, in a statement read by Brig. Gen. Nurdin, warned Ully to be on guard for some of the security problems that are overwhelming Indonesia nationally (mass unrest, race and religion conflicts, boms [sic ­ EH]). He also asked the new chief to give attention to social welfare by taking advantage of the natural potential in NTT. NTT natural wealth has potential to increase the people's welfare, but could be developed to become a conflict, something to be anticipated as much as possible.

ST ­ "Indonesia forms committee to solve border problems: In anticipation of conflict"

KUPANG ­ In an effort to minimalize various problems and facilitate coordination for solving border problems, the Internal Affairs and Regional Autonomy Dept. in Jakarta has formed a Committee to Solve Border Region Problems with three [sic] sub-committees: Management Technique, Technique for Border Crossing of People and Goods, Technique for Cross-Border Police Cooperation, and Technique for Border Crossers. The committee consists of 30 members including the NTT Vice Gov. Pake Pani whereas the one responsible for the committee's work (the Coordinator) is the Minister of Internal Affairs and Regional Autonomy. The committee is to represent the Indo. govt. in talks with Untaet on the resolution of border problems and has been given the authority to monitor all such problems. The management sub-committee, led by the Director for Regional Development, has the main task of preparing regulations for border management that will determine how close people can live to the border and preparation of documents needed to cross the border. The sub-committee on border crossings for people and goods, headed by the Director for Immigration Traffic, has the job of preparing regulations and procedures to facilitate the movement of people and goods along the border. The Border Crossers sub-committee will prepare regulations and procedures to facilitate cross-border transport at certain points agreed by both sides and to facilitate cooperation between immigration and customs on both sides.

NTT X ­ "PMP Task Force 'picks up the ball': Helps repatriate refugees"

ATAMBUA ­ The PMP Task Force will soon use the "pick up the ball" method so that the repatriation process will run smoothly. The plan is to form an integrated team to approach E. Timor refugees in various locations and carry out registration. Returning refugees will be delivered to Batugede where they will be received by UNPKF who will provide tight security. This method was decided upon after a meeting among members of the Task Force, UNHCR, IOM, and UNTAET. "The time has come to work more actively and approach refugees to register whomever wants to go home to their villages. The method will be based, however, on respect for human rights without forcing those who don't want to return," explained head of the Task Force, Basyiruddin Yusuf on Mon. (22/1). He said there are those who want to return but may leave far from the PMP office so that it is hard to sign up or because they are waiting to harvest their crops. PMP data indicates there are 144,300 or 29,730 households of refugees still in NTT.

RT ­ "92 refugees delivered to Batugade"

ATAMBUA ­ As many as 32 households or 92 refugees were delivered to Batugade in E. Timor on Tuesday by the PMP Task Force. Earlier, facilitation of repatriation went only to the border where refugees were picked up by UN vehicles to be taken to their temporary holding site in Batugade. The refugees returned via Mota'ain in 8 trucks.

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