Subject: East Timor press/15 March 2000

East Timor press/15 March 2000

Tetun and bahasa articles 15/3

  1. Is There A Third Person In The Viqueque Cases? (Timor Post Editorial.15/3/01) 
  2. Sergio Castro Caught By The Police (Timor Post/15/3/01)
  3. Xanana: This Is A Strategy To Destroy The Security (TP/15/3/01) 
  4. Bishop Belo: Do not choose party that destroys Timor (STL/15/3/01)

Is There A Third Person In The Viqueque Cases? (Timor Post Editorial.15/3/01)

Many times, Timorese say that these detested words, "violence" and "crime" should no longer occur. But what happened last week and what is happening in Viqueque indicate otherwise - that we still do not really hate these two words. There are still people who want to kill other people or Timorese or foreigners. There are still people who want to burn other people's houses. There are still other people who want to attack other groups. What kind of analysis can we make about such cases? It is probably true when the President of CNRT/NC Xanana Gusmao said, "A third party is involved in these violence." Are there people or groups whom we should condemn as being related to the third party? Truly, they have links to the enemy's 'scheme' and to the third party. The enemy uses them to attack and destroy the situation in East Timor, and thus shows the world as well as to our enemy the milisi and the pro-autonomy people (who are still in Indonesia) that Timorese are not ready for independence.

Thus, it would be best if we ask those who issue public statements during these cases, to put their aspirations or analysis in context and not fan the situation. This would create more 'opportunities' to heighten the tension and increase the legitimacy of the enemy of East Timor who still exists today.

A correct analysis of the latest cases, especially those of Baucau and Viqueque, shows that they get their 'energy' in violence through shocking the small people and slipping provocative propaganda in their midst. They see that they no longer have a venue for their 'agitation' in debates or dialogues. The only venue left for them now is how to provoke the small people with 'veiled' words that concealed their basic interest - to achieve the enemy's scheme to destroy East Timor. Thus we ask the 'itchy mouths' to analyse well and not speak hastily. If not, they will increase the 'energy' of those who are catergorized as the third party. Even though we understand what are rights and what is democracy for everyone to express their aspirations.

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Sergio Castro Caught By The Police (Timor Post/15/3/01)

Eleven days after he broke out of Becora Prison, he was recaptured by Civpol on Tuesday (13/3), in the vicinity of Vila Verde, Dili, after being tracked down by the national police. Sergio Castro 31, the accused "invisible' rapist of Dili, escaped from the Becora prison, Dili, on Saturday (4/3). He has been detained for trial in connection with rape in Dili.

On 7/3, TP met Sergio in a place in Dili. "I am Sergio, the invisible rapist as known to the people. I escaped because I was afraid. I want to defend the truth," Sergio said. During the Indonesian period, his clandestine name was "Manufuik" (Wild Bird). He asked Civpol not to continue chasing him. "I will surrender myself to an independent East Timor and meet with the President then," he said. He also said that he is trying to defend friends in similar positions who are held in Becora and who had done no wrong.

As to the charges of being the 'invisible' rapist, he said, "This is not true." He admitted to having a gun seized from the militia in September 1999 and using that gun to defend refugees who ran to the hills in Dare. "If at that time, I were a rapist, I would have raped, and even killed because I have a weapon. I am a victim of the charges of Civpol that are not proven in court," said Sergio.

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Xanana: This Is A Strategy To Destroy The Security (TP/15/3/01)

Before receiving the American Bishop at his office, CNRT/NC president, Xanana Gusmao, said to TP, "The problem of assault and burning of the people's houses in Viqueque town is the work of a group, the third party, to destroy the national security. I have met all youth organizations of East Timor these last few days. They say that there is strong unity among the youth and that they are doing well."

Xanana called on the people especially the youth to remain calm. "During 24 years of war, we have suffered and died." He called on the people and youth to be calm and to understand the present situation. We have won our freedom with immense patience, how is it that now we cannot be patient a little while more? The youths who died, have sacrificed themselves so that we may live. Before we did not promise one another when we shall be independent, but that has come with patience and courage." He continued, "The future of the nation of East Timor will be good with patience and mutual understanding."

"During the war, the youth of East Timor were united, why are they divided now?" Xanana reminded that, "the youth organizations have said that they are united. Thus what happens now, is it due to organized groups or not? Or they are not youth?".

No force is trying to kill Fretilin. Responding to the opinion of the Vice Coordinator of Fretilin, Mari Alkatari, that the NC was maneuvering to destroy Fretilin, Xanana, said dispiritedly that, "I do not want to comment or make recommendations. I only regret that people use my name to make commentaries. Thus I do not need to comment on these matter."

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Bishop Belo: Do not choose party that destroys Timor (STL/15/3/01)

On Wednesday (14/3), the Bishop of the Dili Diocese, Mgr. Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo, SDB, said to STL, "I have met with Fretilin, UDT, and even with CPD-RDTL (Aitahan Matak, Fil Fernandes and Feliciano). I said to them that I would only support parties in Timor that work for peace, democracy human rights justice, social peace, tolerance. The church supports pluralism and democracy in East Timor.

At the audience of 11 am-12noon, the Bishop met with Mario Viegas Carrascalao, President of PSD. Concerning PSD's programme and the general line of the party, the Bishop said "I humbly asked the President of PSD to act as an element of stability, tolerance, peace in East Timor. I also humbly asked PSD and leaders of all political parties to sit together to confront the problem of violence that has now happened in East Timor. Other parties that want to meet with me, please do come. I humbly receive them and will always give the same message."

As to the many incidents in Dili, Baucau and Viqueque that have created unrest among the people, some people have asked their leaders to observe the presence of PNT that is now in East Timor. PNT should make a public declaration as to whether they accept and recognize the 30 August 1999 results 1999. The PNT had defended autonomy in the past. The Bishop said that the people know the party that works to destroy the country, and they not have to elect it.

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