July 2001
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Early July

July 22 - 28
War crimes defendant given special protection
Refugee tide runs back to East Timor
Foreign, Local Election Observers Registering for Aug. 30 Vote
W. Timor community demands repatriation of East Timor refugees

Megawatti Replaces Wahid

ETAN Urges New Indonesian President to Support East Timor
IHRN Urges New Indonesian President to Curtail Military and Police Abuses

TAPOL: Megawati Presidency: The Prospects for Human Rights in Indonesia

Megawati widens scope of court on East Timor
Bishop Belo On Megawati

Some E Timorese Fear Megawati's Ascension May Be Negative
U.S. Warned Against Full Embrace of Megawati
Indonesia Shift Brings Risks for East Timor
East Timor leader downplays probable rise of nationalist Megawati
Xanana & Ramos-Horta Congratulate Megawati
Portugal's Guterres Reminds Sukarnoputri of Importance of Territory
NZ Prime Minister Calls On Megawati Not To Support Militias
East Timor invites Megawati to visit
Military Regaining Clout in Indonesia
Border Calm Despite Jakarta's Political Upheaval
Church leaders hope new Indonesian president will end conflicts

Reduced Timor force must watch for militias - U.N.
Ramos-Horta Says E Timor Won't Become Authoritarian
East Timor removes tax on coffee exports
Dr. Sergio Lobo released
east timor headlines-24July2001

Australian Gov't Report on 1999

Partiality mars Downer's Timor defence
US given 'extra E. Timor info'
Habibie offered to hand uncontrollable East Timor to UN
Timor has Downer in full spin

US-Indonesia military ties still need strings attached - report
east timor headlines-23July2001
Belo boost for Fretilin
New crops boost Timor harvests
La Croix on West Timor deportees
Creation of a Viable Criminal Justice System in ET

UN Small Arms Conference

Speech at "Guns Know No Borders Rally at UN
Impact on Women in East  Militia-Controlled Camps

July 15 - 21
east timor headlines-20 July 2001
ASEAN Observer Status Enough for Benefits at Low Cost - Ramos Horta
Sceptical Timorese deliver healthy warning to leaders
east timor headlines-19July2001
Border Security, Cooperation Talks Underway in Jakarta

Officials Working To Correct 'Systematic' Errors in Voter Lists
east timor headlines-18July2001
Despite Rumors, Peaceful Vote Expected - Inquiry Team Official

ETAN Speech at "Guns Know No Borders" rally
14 Parties Take Part in First Election Campaign Debate
Sour note hit as East Timor election campaign begins
Last of Three Ministers Steps Down to Take Part in Campaign
Ignorance Main Fear for E. Timor's First Election
east timor headlines-16July2001
Election Campaigning Kicks Off in Lackluster Fashion

Letters on Henry Kissinger
UN Team Leaves W Timor After Touring Camps
Impact of Small Arms on Women Refugees in Militia-Controlled Camps
E. Timor dissolves council before campaigns start
Appleton donations make magic in East Timor
In Indonesia, Woman Bear Burden of Lives As Refugees
House Committee leaders letter on Timorese refugees
Confidence in Manning trial going ahead
July 4 demonstration in Dili calls upon United States government to support justice

Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol 2. No. 3 June 2001: The IMF in East Timor

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now RealAudio programs and interviews with East Timorese leaders and activists at http://www.webactive.com/pacifica/demnow.html

Early July
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