Subject: Pro-Integrationist: "We Assure No Safe Investment In East Timor"

For Immediate Release by Basilio Dias Araujo, Former Spokesperson for Pro-Integration Group (Official Group recognized by the UN during the UN ballot preparation in East Timor 1999, but left out on the D-Day of ballot and ballot paper counting).

For any investor who is dreaming to pour their money into East Timor, please note that the pro-integration group lead by the pro-integration leader Eurico Guterres called "notorious leader" by the international community will never allow any foreign company to exploit and enjoy the riches or natural resources of East Timor at the expense of the tears and plight of two hundred thousand East Timor refugees now taking refuge in Indonesian West Timor, whose lives where destroyed and future ruined by the UN brokered and unpremiditated Popular Consulation in East Timor in 1999. Without us, we will make sure no one will sleep soundly during their nights in East Timor in hundreds of years to come.

Fretilin took 25 years to succeed, that time is not too long. We can do the same thing in the future even if it will take 50 years with or without the assistance of Indonesia. We will prove to the East Timorese people that the ideology we defended was right and that we never want to be newly colonized and white-washed by any white colonizer. We do not want see see our daughters sell their bodies to white adventurers who want to exchance their so-called aids with prostitution. We do not want to see a new generation born in East Timor whose father is unknown. We do not want to have our East Timor identity changed into a new identiy neither Timorese nor any defined race. We do not want to see the white thieves and their counterparts steal our natural resources at the broad day light.

See you all in hell because violence and crime came to East Timor in the early days together with modernization and civilization. The Afganistan agony has reminded us the crime committed by the White People as portrayed by Rudyard Kipling in "KIM" : "It is the White Mand whothreads the road to civilization..... when they can't they will use force".

Thanks for any one reading this message, any comments and criticism is welcome. This message can be quoted.

Basilio Dias Araujo,

Former Pro-integration Spokesperson, now based in Indonesia

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