Subject: East Timor Press Review Friday 21 June 2002

East Timor Press Review Friday 21 June 2002

· Upon his arrival in Dili, the President, Xanana Gusmão said, “ the visit to Australia is part of my job to thank for their support now that we are a new nation”, reported Timor Post. Referring to the establishment of a consulate in Sydney, Mr. Gusmão said the Minister of Foreign Affairs would be in a better position to clarify the matter on his return.

· Lu’olo is a strong candidate to be the Speaker of East Timor Parliament, reported TP.

· David Ximenes, the director of Civil Security has been reportedly accusing the police of using the same tactics as Indonesia during the occupation to arrest someone. Timor Post quoted Ximenes as saying, “to arrest someone, one does not have to cover theirs faces just like the Indonesian did. Why not just arrest? ” Ximenes said the police should have recognized him as the director of Civil Security. Somehow the police only recognizes the president and ministers. In the same article in the front page, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Rogerio Lobato has requested a report from David Ximenes relating to the arrest of a few people and the discovery of weapons by police in Bidau, Dili, a few days ago says the paper.

· L-7 said that in this new era of independence the Police force should not conduct arbitrary arrest.

· TP also reported on the condition of the Dili General Hospital, saying that the x-rays department is back to its full services.

· The paper ran a story on the arrest of a member of FDTL, by the Indonesian military police in Atambua on Wednesday, for allegedly crossing the border illegally.

· It was reported that half of the East Timorese refugees in West Timor have been repatriated.

· The paper quoted the Udayana Military Commander William da Costa as saying, “The delay of the returning of Timorese refugees so far is due to the political interest of some Timorese who chose not to return to their homeland.”

· A student of East Timor National University called Azito da Silva, when asked about his comments on the exploration of Timor Gap oil, said that East Timor should prepare technical experts in the oil and gas field.

· The residents of Aileu district had been reportedly cutting the timber trees without permission.

· Coffee farmers need to take good care of trees in order to produce good coffee beans to compete in the international market.

· FRETILIN may use the majority of its members in the Parliament to pass various laws faster. TP quoted the Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri as saying “Naturally if we, with the majority of the seats want, these laws would being passed rapidly.” “But we understand that these laws sent by the government to the Parliament must be debated. That is why the opposition should start cooperating positively…”

· In a separate article Mr. Alkatiri told Leandro Isa’ac, Member of Parliament (PSD) to behave in a proper manner. This was in relation to the matter concerning the long leave of absence taken by the Justice Minister, reported the TP.

· Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) quoted the Swedish Ambassador to Indonesia and East Timor Harald Sandberg as saying that reconciliation should start from the heart of East Timorese people.

· Public Defender Alvaro Maria Freitas, yesterday said that the Portuguese language is difficult to understand especially when it concerns the legal process.

· Member of Parliament Aliança Araujo of Timorese National Party (PNT) denied the allegation by a member of the Colimau Sect saying that the activities of Colimau was sponsored by her brother Abilio Araujo, the party’s president.

· Upon her release from Becora prison after detention for a week, Angela Freitas, the Vice-President of East Timor Party said that she was an innocent victim of the legal process. She plans to challenge the court, especially the panel of judges who decided in her case.

· General Prosecutor Zelia Trindade responded by saying that if Ms Freitas had the evidence, she should go ahead and prove her case.

· The Minister of Internal Affairs, Rogerio Lobato, has been quoted, as saying that problems arising in the country are normal. But one must analyze the problems before making accusations. “I’ve seen there are tendencies. When there is a problem in Baucau or Viqueque automatically CPD-RDTL group is accused without finding out first the reasons. That’s why I have said we must analyze it first.”

· At a press conference yesterday, the Secretary of Students National Resistance, RENETIL said on the 14th anniversary of the organization, members of the group reflected and discussed on how they could participate in the development of the nation reported STL.

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