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Daily Media Review

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Daily Media Review

Monday 01 August 2005

TNI and BPU Information on Illegal Smuggling Different

The Indonesian Embassy for Timor-Leste stated that the TNI and BPU versions of the report of the fight between Timorese smugglers and TNI soldiers in the border are different. While the Indonesian side stated that illegal merchants attacked TNI as they conducted patrols at the border, the BPU commander and PNTL commander stated that TNI entered Timorese territory when chasing the illegal merchants. (STL)

BPU Suspected of Receiving Bribes

Dili-based Indonesian Embassy Liaison Officer, High Police Commissioner Minton Mariaty S stated that Border Patrol Unit [of PNTL] deployed in the border area of Batugade was suspected of receiving bribes for smuggling illegal goods from Indonesia. She also gave the example of bribery practised by Julio Maia, a resident of Maliana District who once smuggled illegal goods such as fuel to Timor-Leste. "Julio has acknowledged this to Indonesian Police", Minton said. According to Minton, Julio last bribed Batugade-based BPU on 16 May 2005. At the time Julio smuggled 600 litres of fuel and 10 boxes of beer with the label "Tiger". "According to the confession by Julio, BPU usually receives bribes of $20 for each smuggled drum of fuel" she said.

Meanwhile, even though Julio himself was caught red-handed by TNI when smuggling illegal goods to Timor-Leste, he was not processed legally. "That is because TNI respects the request by BPU to release Julio da Costa even though he was caught red-handed when smuggling," Minton explained. She also explained that Indonesian Embassy could not take any actions. The Indonesian Embassy did not announce this in the media because it considered the case as an informal confession from the suspect, Julio. " We have not been aware of whether it was true that the BPU received bribery as the TNI had no authority to question BPU on the matter, " Minton stated.

Minton also informed of another bribery case of Francisco Bori Guterres on 28 May 2005. Fransico, she said, conducted the smuggling on a big scale by bringing in 110 boxes of "Tiger" beer, and TNI also managed to arrest him. (STL Lead Article)

I'm Ready to be Sentenced, Xanana Must Answer: Guterres

Eurico Guterres, the former militia commander of Pro-Integration Forces (Pasukan Pejuang Integrasi or PPI) said he is prepared to go to jail. " It doesn't have to be tomorrow. I'm ready right now, I have been since the beginning. That's why I have been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. But I would like to ask the UN to also try Xanana Gusmão as involved in crime and the killing of members of my group so that justice can be implemented," Guterres told a local newspaper during a requiem mass for the pro-integration heroes in Kupang [West Timor] on 17 July. He added that if the UN is only going to try those pro-Indonesian like him, the UN is creating a time-bomb which would explode, therefore he wants the UN to be responsible [?] Responding to Eurico Guterres' statement, President Gusmão said that he is prepared to answer to any investigation on crimes that Eurico can come up with. (DT)

CAVR Mandate Extended

CAVR mandate has been extended until 31 October, the media reported on Monday. The President of the Commission, Aniceto Guterres said in a press conference that the decision for the extension is to allow time to finalise the work which is a document of huge responsibility that will be sent to the President of the Republic and the UN. He added that 40 employees will continue in their current job to finalise the work. This is the third time the commission has extended its mandate and requires another US$40-60 million to complete the work. (DN, STL, DT)

FRETILIN Members Increase

Around 3000 people joined FRETILIN in a ceremony presided by the party's Secretary-General Mari Alkatiri in Hatolia, Ermera District last Saturday. According to Diario Nacional newspaper, the new members are from ASDT, PD, PSD and PL parties and the reason they decided to join Fretilin is due to the good work the government has been carrying in development. In his welcoming remarks to the new members, Mari Alkatiri said Fretilin is a party open to all Timorese that want to join adding that it is the people's party and homeland liberator. (DN)

Increase in Justice Ministry Budget

The Minister of Justice, Domingos Sarmento said the budget for his ministry for 2006 increased to $5.6 million, triple the budget of the last fiscal year, which was only $1.8 million. Sarmento said that he had promised this money would be channelled to all the Ministry Directorates and for the purpose of rehabilitating three buildings of the Prosecutor General, Land and Property as well as the Registry. (DN)

CPD-RDTL Protest in Baucau

Around 400 members of CPD-RDTL protested in Baucau today against PNTL behaviour, reported Radio Timor-Leste on midday national news. According to RTL, the coordinator of the protest, Custodio Freitas said the protest was against PNTL members who beat up CPD-RDTL members for refusing to lower the RDTL flag. Freitas said the protest would continue if the government refuses to take action against those PNTL officers. (RTL)

Government Announces Names for Commission

The composition of the Truth and Friendship Commission (TFC) was presented today by the Foreign Affairs Minister Jose Ramos-Horta. The five members are President of CAVR Aniceto Guterres, former politicial prisoner Jacinto Alves, jurist and anthropologist Dionisio Babo, CNRT activist Felicidade Guterres and Judge Cirílio Valadares. The commission will commence work on 8 August with its first meeting scheduled to take place in Denpasar, Bali. It is reported that the mandate of the commission is for one year or longer if needed with a budget of $1 million from Indonesia and $500,000 from Timor-Leste. (DN)

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