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Daily Media Review

Tuesday 02 August 2005

Ramos-Horta Appeals to Victims to Trust The Commission

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, José Ramos-Horta appealed to the Timorese community, especially the victims, to trust the work of the Truth and Friendship Commission which has a task of great responsibility. Ramos-Horta said that the people elected to be part of the TFC are academics, intellectuals and politicians with moral experience and credibility to conduct their work and are dedicated to defend human rights and justice for Timor-Leste. He also considered the arguments about the creation of an international tribunal as academic and not intelligent. (DN, TP)

Indonesian Ambassador Appeals To Ignore Border Incident

The Indonesian Ambassador to Timor-Leste Ahmed Bey Sofwan has asked the Minister of Interior, Rogério Lobato not to make a big issue out of the recent border incident. Lobato said he has spoken to the Indonesian authorities and it agreed that it would not become a problematic issue. (TP)

CPD-RDTL Members in Possession of the Red and White Flag: Lobato

Minister of Interior Rogério Lobato said that CPD-RDTL members in possession the Indonesian (red-and-white) flag which PNTL officers found during a search operation at their compound STL reported today. Members of the group had been reportedly threatening the population. "We have already taken measures against those CPD-RDTL members who have been intimidating the population. During the operation, we found a red and white Indonesian flag. I'm not against Indonesia, the ties between the two countries are presently good but the reason that they possessed this flag is that someone is likely using CPD-RDTL to create instability in Timor-Leste," Lobato said.

He also said that claims by members of this group that they will takeover the police and defence forces are nothing but lies. He added that there is only one State and the government tolerance of CPD-RDTL has gone on too long. He announced, "We have taken measures against CPD-RDTL members who have been using military uniforms to intimidate the population, and seized items such as bayonets, waist knives and the red and white Indonesian flag. They are entitled to fight for liberation or campaign on behalf of other people, hold peaceful demonstration but if they are intimidating the population we must use force and put them in jail". (STL)

President Gusmão Participates in Conference in Seoul

President Gusmão departed Dili last Sunday to participate in a Peace conference in South Korea. According to Timor Post, the President is scheduled to attend a photo and coffee exhibition on Timor-Leste currently promoted by two Timorese women selected to participate in the 2005 Expo in South Imjingang and meet government officials. (TP)

Parliament Delegation Visit to Brazil

President of the Parliament, Francisco Guterres, told Parliament that a delegation composed of 13 Parliamentarians is scheduled to visit Brazil with the aim of intensifying cooperation between the two nations' Parliaments. Guterres also said that apart from Brazil some members will travel to Australia, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia. The visit to Indonesia follows the MPs return from New York and Laos in the month of September. (DN)

F-FDTL Training in Malaysia

Malaysian Marine Academy offers training to the Timor-Leste Navy. The programme is fully funded by the Malaysia under the "Malaysian Cooperation Programme". Three Timorese Navy personnel left Dili on July 21 where they will learn about seamanship, navigation, communication bridge watch keeping, and duty and assets exercises. Other participants invited for this programme are from Philippines, Singapore, PNG, Vietnam and other countries. (TP)

Coffee Export

It is reported that Cooperative Café Timor has exported 15 containers of Timorese organic coffee to Starbucks in North America. According to the company's director, Xisto Moniz, another 25 containers will be exported. He added that the maximum quantity of export is 120 containers and the company has so far collected 13,000 tonnes of coffee from five districts. Moniz said the contract with Starbucks America will see the export of 2,000 tonnes of coffee due to its good quality. (TP)

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