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Daily Media Review

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Daily Media Review

Wednesday 03 August 2005

Former Militia Detained by Community Members

It is reported that a former Mahidi militia member from Ainaro was detained by community members in the Tunubibi border area near Maliana following his illegal entry into Timor-Leste. 29 year-old Manuel Maia from Maliana was handed over to the Police after community members recognised him as having been involved in the activities of the Mahidi militia group in Hatudu in Ainaro. PNTL Commander Paulo Martins is reported to have said that the Prosecutor General has confirmed that Maia is on the Serious Crimes Unit list in connection with human rights abuses in 1999 and that Maia would be further investigated and handed over to the court to be brought to justice in accordance with the existing laws of Timor-Leste. (TP, STL, DN)

New Mechanism Required for Border: Ramos-Horta

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Jose Ramos-Horta said that a new arrangement is needed at the border between Timor-Leste and Indonesia to resolve incidents, reported the media on Monday. Ramos-Horta said that the Timorese Military and Police together with the TNI and Indonesian Police must agree to an arrangement through constant consultation in order to resolve the many problems which are occurring. He informed the media that the Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry travelled to the border on Tuesday to oversee the demarcation of the border and establish better coordination between PNTL, TNI and F-FDTL.

The Minister added that F-FDTL members might be sent to the border as observers only after consultation with senior government officials and UNOTIL. "According to our system, the Police are responsible for the border. There is a slight problem because TNI are responsible on the Indonesian side. As coordination between TNI and PNTL remains not that good, we may therefore need to station F-FDTL at the border not to take responsibilities but to provide liaison support," Ramos-Horta said. He also noted that when the UNOTIL mission ends in May 2006, it will be important for a transition from the UN military liaisons to the new arrangements established. (TP, TVTL, STL)

Dodd Threatens to Take Horta to Court

Mark Dodd, the Australian journalist has threatened to take Timor-Leste Foreign Affairs Minister Ramos-Horta to Court if he does not withdraw comments he considered defamatory in a press released by the Minister. According to Diario Tempo today, a letter sent by the legal representative of Dodd also demands an apology from Ramos-Horta as well as the removal of the information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs internet site or face compensation damages alleging false accusation. In response to the letter, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said, "it is Mark Dodd's right and privilege to make these claims. But it is my duty and obligation to defend the nation and the government against publications which provide incorrect facts against the government. (DP)

CPD-RDTL Has the Tendency to Establish Another State

Minister of Interior, Rogério Lobato said that the recent detention of CPD-RDTL members in Baucau is due to their intention to establish another state. He reportedly stressed that although the Police have been behaving appropriately, the group always finds a way to attack the Police or the State. In a separate article, the CPD-RDTL leader responsible for education, culture and public relations said that the accusations by the Minister of Interior are not correct adding that his organisation wants to bring the people together against those who do not know how to manage the nation. (DN)

Parties Not Concerned with Members Moving (TP)

Member of Parliament João Gonçalves (PSD) commented that he is not concerned with the shift of PSD party members to Fretilin saying that it has not been confirmed that the information is correct and adding that also more than 10,000 Fretilin members have joined the PSD party. MP Rui Menezes of Partido Democratico (PD) said that people are free to choose parties as they wish and he only considers members as those in the party's structure. MP Armando da Silva extended his best wishes to those who shifted from his party, Partido Liberal (PL) to Fretilin, saying that his party has received new members and that's how democracy works. (TP, DN)

SRSG on Security Council Report, UNOTIL Recruitment and TFC

SRSG Hasegawa told the media on Tuesday after his weekly meeting with Prime Minister Alkatiri that the Secretary-General's situation report on UNOTIL and progress in Timor-Leste would be presented to the Security Council on 29 August.

SRSG Hasegawa said that the report would cover the work of the new UNOTIL mission after UNMISET ended its mandate. He also told the media that he had informed Prime Minister Alkatiri that UNOTIL is in the process of recruiting 90* Timorese professionals to work along with other internationals in Civilian Support, Political Affairs, Legal and Public Information.

On the issue of the Truth and Friendship Commission, SRSG Hasegawa said that the international community is willing to support the TFC if Timor-Leste and Indonesia requests support. He added "in my personal opinion, it is a good idea to provide assistance such as advisers or technical assistance to the TFC." (TP)

[*SRSG Hasegawa in fact told reporters that "19" National Professional Officers were being recruited to work with international staff working at UNOTIL mission]

Mari Accused of Promoting Dictatorship in Fretilin In response to an appeal from Fretilin Secretary General, Mari Alkatiri to members of the party in Com, Lautem district to expel Vicente Mau Bocy and Reis Kadalak from the Central Committee, Bocy said that the appeal does not comply with the party's regulations. He noted that both have recognized their mistakes but compared to the Secretary's General, their mistakes are only 10% of his mistakes. Bocy also said that the plan of the Secretary General has been to isolate himself and Kadalak since 2003 after they established a group called Grupo Renovador to combat dictatorship, fascism, corruption, collusion and nepotism brought in by the "Maputo club" inside Fretilin. He added that Fretilin Deputy Secretary General Jose Reis said that both were suspended for lack of discipline but has failed to explain the wrongdoing. (STL)

Extension of Commission

The coordinator of the Commission of Reception for Cadres of the Resistance, Vasco da Gama said that there is a possibility to extend the Commission as many members of the Resistance and Falintil are still to be registered. Gama said that the Commission already extended registration for another month until July. He said that they are studying the best measures to conclude the Commission's work. A total of 30,000 people have been registered. (STL)

Samoan Police To Join UN Peacekeeping Mission

The Samoan government says it has approved police contingents to join the United Nations missions to Liberia, East Timor and to serve in Solomon Islands. Of the 17 police to go overseas, four officers will be deployed in Liberia for a year, two will go to East Timor and 10 police officers will be sent to Solomon Islands for nine months. The police officers have been given temporary promotions in compliance with United Nations requirements. A statement also says insurance has been arranged to cover their deployment. (Radio New Zealand)

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