Subject: UNOTIL Daily Media Review 18 August 2005


Daily Media Review

Compiled by the Public Information Office from national and international sources

Thursday 18 August 2005

National Media Reports

We Must Keep An Eye On Our Country: Lopez da Cruz

The recently-appointed Indonesian Ambassador to Portugal, Francisco Lopez da Cruz paid a visit to Timor-Leste on the 60th Anniversary of Indonesian independence and to meet President Gusmão before starting in his new position in Lisbon. According to Lopez da Cruz, his visit to Timor-Leste follows an invitation from President Gusmão and Foreign Affairs Minister Ramos-Horta. He said that he had met Xanana Gusmão in February 2004 in Bali and that Ramos-Horta had also asked him to return to visit Timor-Leste. He also added that after his appointment as Ambassador to Portugal, he informed Indonesian President Yudhoyono about the invitations to Timor-Leste which President Yudhoyono fully supported as the visit would not only strengthen bilateral ties but trilateral ties between Portugal, Indonesia and Timor-Leste. Lopez da Cruz added that as a Timorese, he will do his best to support his country. Diario Tempo also reported that the meeting between the newly appointed Indonesian Ambassador to Portugal, Francisco Lopez da Cruz's and Timor-Leste's President Gusmão was recommended and supported by President Yudhoyono before taking up his official position in Portugal. (Timor Post, STL, Diario Tempo)

Xavier: Population Will Have to Move Out of Government Houses

In its coverage of city matters in Dili, Diario Tempo reported on the complications of the Timor-Leste government's policy on land and property issues in relation to the impact of the policy on the local population. Diario Tempo quoted Director of the National Land and Property department, Pedro de Souza Xavier, as saying the population currently occupying state houses would need to move out when the government needs state housing. Mr Xavier clarified that the while citizens currently continue to pay rent, when contracts are completed those people will be requested off those properties. (Diario, TVTL, Timor Post)

President Requests UNDP Assistance for Veterans

According to the media, President Gusmão and SRSG Sukehiro Hasegawa discussed UNDP assistance to former veterans as well as the forthcoming meeting of the Security Council during their meeting on Wednesday, "I told Mr Hasegawa that UNDP must support the programme we put together until April," President Gusmão told the media. In relation to the programme, Gusmão added that he had already requested Prime Minister Alkatiri and the Secretary of State for Veterans Affairs David Ximenes to decide on the implementation of the programme in the fiscal year budget of 2006-2007. He also confirmed that there is existing legislation which recognises veterans. (Timor Post)

MP Menezes on PM Alkatiri's Statement on Fretilin Election and T-L Parliament Towards CTF

MP Rui Menezes (PD) told the media that PM Alkatiri's statement regarding that Fretilin's failure in the 2007 elections would result in many deaths demonstrates that PM Alkatiri himself is beginning to lose his belief in the people." MP Menezes further argued that as a national leader of Timor-Leste, he would have never imagine that PM Alkatiri would make such a statement and that PM Alkatiri is just trying to defend his political power for the upcoming national elections in 2007. He further added that the people of Timor-Leste are used to such threats after 24 years of Indonesian occupation and PM Alkatiri is psychologically trying to force people to do what he wants them to. MP Clementino de Amaral is reported as saying that PM Alkatiri's statement does not represent the leadership of Fretilin as the Fretilin leadership would not let there be a repeat of the suffering of the people once again.

STL also reported quoted MP Rui Menezes as saying that although the Timor-Leste and Indonesian governments have signed an MoU on the Commission of Truth and Friendship, the National Parliament has not recognised the agreement. He added that based on the administrative system of Timor-Leste, any agreement signed between Indonesian and Timor-Leste would have to be approved by the National Parliament and that, politically, the National Parliament has not made any decision on the establishment of the CTF. (STL)

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