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Daily Media Review

Compiled by the Public Information Office from national and international sources

Daily Media Review

Friday 19 August 2005

National Media Reports

Meeting of President Gusmão and PM Alkatiri

The national print media covered the weekly meeting of President Gusmão and PM Alkatiri which focused on the Commission for Truth and Friendship (CTF), Police actions against uniformed groups and the veterans' issue. PM Alkatiri confirmed that it is the time to stop any further confusions on the existence of two government structures referring to the Government and the National Parliament and the so-called state of CPD-RDTL. The media also reported on their discussion in relation to final solutions to veterans' issues according to the law currently under discussion by the National Parliament. STL quoted PM Alkatiri as confirming that he had spoken with President Gusmão about establishing an office for the Commission for Truth and Friendship. (Timor Post, STL, Diario Nacional)

Lopes da Cruz Statements on Reconciliation

Francisco Lopes da Cruz told media that the reconciliation process between those Timorese people currently living in Indonesia, Australia and Portugal is required to help the newly independent country, Timor-Leste become a prosperous country. He said that through reconciliation, the Timorese would forget about their political ideologies and added that that there remains a need for the Timorese people to be united to assist in the development of Timor-Leste. (Diario Nacional, STL)

PM Alkatiri's Appeals to Lopes da Cruz to Work Together on Socio-Cultural Issues

The STL lead story reported PM Alkatiri as appealing to the Indonesian Ambassador for Portugal, Francisco Lopez da Cruz, to work together with the Timor-Leste Ambassador for Portugal not just to deal with political matters but also to focus on the socio-cultural development of Timor-Leste when taking up his official post in Lisbon. (STL)

Articles on Corruption

STL reported that PM Alkatiri had presented 7 cases of corruption to the Office of the Prosecutor General. He further added that to combat such cases of corruption, there is a need for a system and not just laws. Timor Post also covers the issue of corruption quoting Aristides Afonso, a University lecturer at the National University of Timor-Leste who argued that there should be an external auditing team as the government has created an internal auditing team under the Inspector-General. He added that though the Inspector-General has released information regarding 78 cases of corruption within the government, there remains the need for an external auditing team to complement the existing internal auditing team. (STL)

Lu-Olo: PM Statement Not About War But Just Politics

In a press conference on Thursday, the President of the National Parliament, Francisco Guterres clarified that the statement made by Prime Minister Alkatiri saying that "should Fretilin loses the next election then people would die" did not mean that there would be war but the statement was instead merely political rhetoric. Lu-Olo further clarified that if Fretilin's policy to improve people's lives is not realised then the people would continue to suffer from hunger and death due to diseases and other problems. Timor Post reported that the Minister for the Presidential Council, Antoninho Branco refuted media reports of the Prime Minister's statement saying that the media had disseminated the wrong information and he appealed to journalists to report correctly. (Timor Post)

PNTL Officers Trained in Malaysia

PNTL Commander Paulo Martins told the media that 99 PNTL officers had been trained in Malaysia in different 8 areas such as criminal investigations maritime policing, commander courses and commander training for district commanders, The Malaysian Police also donated 180 guns to PNTL. It is also reported that Maliana Police have not been able to regularly patrol for the last two months due to transport problems. Bobonaro District Police Chief, Antonio Maulata told STL that as vehicles had broken down, PNTL officers often have to walk to destinations. He added that PNTL also have to borrow vehicles from local NGOs or the district administration to patrol to remote areas. (STL, Timor Post)

Japanese Universities to Cooperate with the National University

Three Japanese Universities namely, Saitama University, Nagaoka Technology University and Gifu University have established links with the Technical Faculty of the National University. The report described the agreement which will enable three Technical Faculty professors to study at the Japanese universities. The report also mentions three Timorese professors who have recently returned from those Japanese Universities. It was also reported that the agreement would not only allow Timorese university professors to study in Japan but Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. According to Dr. Tsunoda, the cooperation is part of the Japanese Government's commitment to assist the government of Timor-Leste in the education sector. (Timor Post)

Editorial: PM's Discontent Over Projects

The Timor Post editorial today focused on Prime Minister Alkatiri discontent over the road project in Ataúro which led to many questions raised by members of the community of that area. The editorial says Prime Minister's discontent about projects in the field that show that things are not working well and that there is no clear information from the bottom up. The editorial says that the control and technical evaluation system should be more effective to thereby inform higher authorities such as the Prime Minister instead of hiding facts, adding that mistakes and scandals should never be allowed to occur again. The editorial continues to say that those responsible for the project must take full responsibility as it is unfortunate that a project for the people has turned out to be like "a cat spying on a mouse". The editorial says the case of the road in Ataúro is an experience which has demonstrated the need to the government to pay attention to those in charge of projects on the ground so that such cases are not repeated. (Timor Post)

Regional Media Reports


It is two years since the brutal terrorist attack on our headquarters in Baghdad. The trauma and wounds of that awful day remain a daily struggle for the families and loved ones of those who were lost, and indeed for all of us in the United Nations family. Survivors continue to struggle with their injuries, with some undergoing treatment even now. All of them continue to deal with harrowing memories and emotional scars. The question of justice lingers, too, as no-one has been held to account for this crime, offering yet another appalling example of the impunity that so often follows assaults on United Nations personnel around the world, be they peacekeepers, humanitarian workers or others.

The 19th of August will always be a date laden with sorrow for the United Nations -- and for me personally. It is an occasion to reflect on what those we lost endured, and how we can best honour their legacy. It is also a day to be thankful for the light they brought into our world. Our fallen colleagues, taken from us in the prime of their lives, embodied our Organization's ideals. They were courageous and unstinting in their devotion to helping people in impoverished and war-torn lands build better lives. Their commitment and achievements made all of us proud to work for the United Nations.

On this anniversary, I offer renewed condolences to the bereaved families and loved ones of those who gave their lives serving the United Nations. I pray that the pain of the injured will diminish. I commend the men and women of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq -- international and Iraqi staff alike -- for braving hardship and fear in their vital work for the country's transition. Finally, I pay tribute to all United Nations staff for absorbing this tragedy with resilience, and for carrying on, shaken but undeterred, with our global mission of peace. (UN Secretary-General)


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