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Daily Media Review

Friday 26 August 2005

National Media Reports

Council of Ministers Approves Legislation on Oil Exploration

The Council of Ministers on Wednesday approved the legislation for public tender for the exploration of Timor-Leste oil resources. According to the media communiqué, the first session to unveil the opening of the public tender for the international community is scheduled for 2 September with the participation of Prime Minister Alkatiri. The Council also discussed the preliminary documents on the proposed legislation for the certification of advocacy training, proposed legislation about cheques, proposed legislation against domestic violence and food provisions as well as the decree legislation on support centers for victims of domestic violence. (Diario, TP, STL, TVTL, RTL)

Seismic Survey Important for Investment

It is reported that representatives from two Indonesian companies met separately with Prime Minister Alkatiri and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ramos-Horta to discuss a seismic project survey on the oil and natural gas resources in Suai and Viqueque districts. According to Minister Ramos-Horta, the survey will determine the amount of oil and gas in order to justify investments. He added that if there are sufficient resources the Indonesian companies, considered to be the two biggest in Indonesia, intend to open a refinery in Suai for export. The Foreign Minister added that it is clear that there is oil in these two areas but the quantity for investment remains unknown. (Diario, TP,TVTL, RTL)

Dili Administrator Must Compensate Street Vendors: MP Paixão

MP Maria Paixão told media that the Administrator of Dili District should pay compensation for the goods lost during the recent eviction of street vendors from in front of Lita Store as it was the Dili District Administrator who ordered the eviction, reported Diario Nacional. She added that the vendors had been making demands to the President of the Parliament as the issue had not been resolved. She also made the suggestion that the Government should put in place an urban planning policy in order to clarify the rights of the street vendors. MP Alexandre Corte-Real also supported the above argument telling STL that the eviction process should be transparent and not create social conflict because such eviction has the potential to cause serious conflict. (Diario, TP, STL)

PSHT, Kera Sakti and Kung-Fu Breach the 30 June Agreement

The President of Parliamentary Commission E, Francisco Jeronimo reportedly said that martial arts groups PSHT, Kera Sakti and Kung-Fu, who were involved in fighting in Viqueque, Liquiça and Bobonaro had violated the agreement signed on 30 June. MP Jeronimo added that the PNTL needs to pay attention to martial arts groups' behaviour adding that crimes committed by such groups should be prosecuted. The President of Timor-Leste National Youth Council (CNJTL), Miguel M. G. Manutelu was quoted as saying that fighting between martial arts groups may take place as the agreement may not have been socialized at the grassroots level. (STL)

Regional Media Reports

UN Secretary-General Report on UNOTIL Please be informed that the Progress Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Office in Timor-Leste (for the period 13 May to 15 August 2005) [S/2005/533] issued on 18 August 2005 is available at the following webpage: 

National News Sources

Timor Post (TP) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL] RTL Radio Timor-Leste [RTL]

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