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Daily Media Review

Tuesday, 10 August 2005

National Media Reports

"Open Governance" PM Alkatiri on the Year of Infrastructure and Transparency

The main story in Timor Post focused on PM Alkatiri's statements during the "Open Governance" meeting in Cristo Rei subdistrict in Dili quoting him saying that 2005-06 would be the year of infrastructure. Another article in Timor Post quoted PM Alkatiri as professing that there is no other country in the world that is more transparent than Timor-Leste. The lead story in Diario Tempo reported on PM Alkatiri comments at the "Open Governance" meeting in Cristo Rei describing opposition parties as provocateurs and in the lead story of Diario Nacional PM Alkatiri is quoted as saying opposition parties did not want the population to know the truth.

The lead article in STL reported PM Alkatiri's comments to the people of Cristo Rei subdistrict in reference to an academic thesis written by a leading pro-autonomy supporter some years ago. He reportedly said that the thesis was mistaken in its argument that Timor-Leste would never be independent and that there would be a full-scale internal conflict in Timor-Leste.. PM Alkatiri was quoted as saying, "some time ago, the pro-autonomy supporter had said Timor-Leste would never be independent due to the lack of human resources. The pro-autonomy supporters had also said that we would eat stones if we were independent, so how could we eat stones when we were not even allowed to use stones for the construction of roads". He also urged the pro-autonomy supporter who wrote such books to change the title to help the development of Timor-Leste after Independence. (DN, DT STL,TP)

Media Coverage of Vice Minister Valentin Ximenes' Apology

All of the national newspapers reported on the apology of newly appointed Vice Minister, Valentine Ximenes, to the Cristo Rei community during the "Open Governance"programme after a provocative statement in which he reportedly said "I am from Baucau and I am hot-blooded [temperamental]" He had reportedly made the comment in anger when trying to intervene and explain the status of territorial division and the legality of villages in the former clandestine structure as requested by the local population of Cristo Rei subdistrict. The controversial statement by Vice Minister Ximenes reportedly produced such an angry reaction from the crowd that PM Alkatiri had to intervene. Despite an immediate apology from Vice Minister Ximenes, the crowd urged PM Alkatiri to remove Vice Minister Ximenes from his post.

Timor Post reported in a different article that Vice Minister Ximenes clarified that the elected village council and village council members would not receive any monthly salary but it would depend on the capacity of those elected to be responsible for the management for the development of their areas. He then stressed that although the elected village chief and village council members would not receive any salary, the Minister of State Administration would look at ways in which those elected village representatives could receive incentives to undertake their tasks. (STL, DT, STL, DN)

Martins: PNTL To Investigate Drug Imports

PNTL Commander-General, Paulo Martins told the community of Cristo Rei at the "Open Governance" meeting that the National Police would investigate drug imports into Timor-Leste, STL reported. Martin added that the lack of expertise from PNTL regarding drugs has hindered the investigations. The case of drug possession by a suspect who worked at the former Timor Block Building Industry is also mentioned in the report raising the question of whether the case has been prosecuted. (STL)

Maia: National University to Open Medical School and and Human Rights Faculty

Diario Nacional reported that the National University of Timor-Leste (UNTL) would open faculties for Medicine and Human Rights in the academic year 2005/2006. The Coordinator of the Organizing Committee, Dr Miguel Maia dos Santos told Diario Nacional that the opening of the new faculties will encourage and open up opportunities for prospective students to study those specialised areas. The report mentioned that the enrolment process would be from 10-22 August 2005. (STL)

Commission for Truth and Friendship To End "Dualism" of TL and Indonesia

Diario Tempo reported on the complexities around the establishment of the Commission of Truth and Friendship with a special interview with Leroy Siagian, the Political Adviser at the Indonesia Embassy in Dili. Leroy was quoted as saying that the political decision by the governments of Timor-Leste and Indonesian Government to establish the Commission of Truth and Friendship is an effort to end the "dualism" of the past. He added that the CTF produces a contradiction of ideas between the government and the people of Timor-Leste. Siagian could not speculate whether the the CTF would not provide justice for the victims of human rights violations of Timor-Leste but he hoped that when the CTF undertakes its tasks that would offer the results which everybody wants. He added that the 10 appointed commissioners of the CTF have credibility, experience and capacity in human rights work and that when the results of their investigations are completed that there should be no contradictions or unsatisfactory results. He chose not to comment on the establishment of an International Tribunal. (DT)

Regional and International Media Reports

Timor-Leste Police Arrest Indonesian Citizen

Atambua: Timor-Leste's Police arrested a resident called Manuel Maia (29 years old) of Maumutin village, Raihat Sub-district, Belu District, West Timor in Tunubibi village, Bobonaro District on 31 July. He was arrested because he was suspected of being involved in crimes against humanity in Timor-Leste in 1999. Apparently, Manuel entered Timor-Leste territory with the intention to visit his family in Bobonaro. He was now being interrogated by Timor-Leste Police.

When confirmed by Pos Kupang on 6 August, Head of District Police Commander of Belu, Drs. Ekotrio Budhinar stated that the information was correct. He explained that he had only received the information on the arrest on 4 August. According to the report he received, Maia was a former citizen of Timor-Leste, who went to Indonesia in 1999 where he has been living as a farmer in Maumutin. It was reported that Maia entered Timor-Leste territory to visit his family in Tunubibi village, Bobonaro District where he was arrested by Tunubibi residents and taken to PNTL.

In addition, Ekotrio said that according to the information by the intelligence officers of Belu District Police, Timor-Leste Police had previously arrested Maia twice. The first time he was deported without legal process and the second time he was beaten by PNTL officers before deportation. (Pos Kupang, West Timor reprinted in Diario Tempo)

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