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Daily Media Review

Thursday, 11 August 2005

National Media Reports

PM Alkatiri on CTF: Retreat in order to Advance

Timor Post and STL main reports focussed on the "Open Governance" session on Wednesday in Nain Feto, Dili. Timor Post reported on PM Alkatiri's statement regarding policy on the Commission of Truth and Friendship. ""He said that establishing the CTF does not mean that the national leadership does not want justice and only good bilateral ties but that the CTF was established according to political strategy" which he reportedly likened to a military strategy in battle when an army has to first retreat before advancing. PM Alkatiri added that the leaders did not want an International tribunal as they did not want to problematise bilateral relations with Indonesia. He concluded that "this does not signify that the leaders do not want justice" and added " when the national leaders, not the government, established the CFT with the final objective that everyone would be satisfied with justice."

Timor Post also reported on the discussions during "Open Governance" following presentations by Minister Education Armindo Maia and Minister for Public Works, Odete Vitor focussing on improving the education sector and infrastructure in their mandates respectively with Vitor saying that her infrastructure budget remains very limited. STL reported that in agriculture, health and education sectors the government and the people share the same the demands for improvements and development in all these sectors. (STL, TP)

Minister Minister of Education Will Close All Unsatisfactory Universities

Minister of Education, Armindo Maia told the "Open Governance" gathering at Cristo Rei that the Ministry of Education would soon take measures to start closing unsatisfactory universities that are currently operating "like selling vegetables in the market", Diario reported. Minister Maia added that his ministry wishes to inform the public which universities are legally official and are of good quality before parents decide where to send their children for tertiary education. (Diario Tempo)

Court of Appeal Decision on Passabe Serious Crimes Militia Case

STL lead article, Diario Tempo and Timor Post reported that the Court of Appeal decided to uphold the decision of Dili District Court in the case the two militia members convicted of crimes against humanity for killings in Passabe in Oecussi in September 1999. The defence lawyer had filed an appeal in the case after the initial decision was handed down. The sentences of Mateus Punef, who was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and Januario da Costa, who was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment, were upheld in the decision of the Court of Appeal panel of three judges. (TP, DT, STL)

MP Sabino on Border Security and Vice Minister Valentime Ximenes' Statement

Timor Post quoted MP Mariano Sabino from Democratic Party as saying that in order to ensure stability and security in the border areas, there should be good cooperation between Timor-Leste and Indonesia with reference to the issue of whether Timor-Leste's Government should station F-FDTL troops in the border areas to strengthen PNTL at the border. In a separate article, TP reported MP Sabino's response to the controversial comments of Vice Minister Ximenes widely reported yesterday by saying that there needs to be "willingness" if someone has the responsibility to serve the population. (STL, DT, STL, DN)

Tilman: Government Influences the Population Through the "Open Governance"

The President of KOTA MP Manuel Tilman reportedly told the media the Government of PM Alkatiri hold the "Open Governance" programme to kidnap, kill, assault and threaten the people reported Diario Tempo. Manuel Tilman was quoted as making the above statement during the 31st anniversary of the establishment of his party, KOTA. Tilman added, "If the "Open Governance" is ends with peace we should applaud PM Alkatiri, but if it ends with killing, beating, threats and kidnapping people here and there, then the "Open Governance" programme will mean nothing at all."(Diario Tempo)

Asa: Labour Regulations Do Not Ensure Workers' Welfare

Director General of the Labour Relations Board, Jose Asa told media that the Minister of Labour and Solidarity has not released any regulations to ensure the welfare of workers involved in accidents in the workplace. , Timor Post reported. He further added that although there is already a draft regulation regarding the health and safety of workers, the ILO has not assessed whether the draft regulation is acceptable in international law nor has the Council of Ministers approved the draft regulation. Jose Asa made the above statement during a workshop on legal rights of workers. (DT)

Timor Post Editorial on Transparency

The Timor Post editorial refers to PM Alkatiri's recent statement during the "Open Governance" that there is no other country in the world that is more transparent than Timor-Leste and that there is no transparency in the countries of those people who have come to talk about transparency in Timor-Leste. The argument of PM Alkatiri is considered to be a good as the statement enables the people of Timor-Leste to forget their limited resources and take pride in their country. The Editorial continues that the people of Timor-Leste will wait to see if the statement of PM Alkatiri is not just political rhetoric to keep the crowd happy or the well-written regulations. The Editorial concludes that it does not matter how many times laws or regulations are rewritten, political promises or statements are made, implementation in reality is the most important factor. Let's wait and see!! (TP)

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