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Pat Walsh

* Purpose

The CAVR Report Chega! was provided to the President, MPR and Indonesian Commission for Human Rights (KomnasHAM) earlier in 2006. The purpose of this visit was to introduce the Report to a range of other Indonesian organisations and institutions and to discuss its future dissemination in Indonesia. It was not intended to publicise the Report and no media interviews were given. The visit was also an opportunity to provide hard full copies of Chega! to those donors and governments who had not received the Report previously. The program was mainly undertaken by Pat Walsh, Senior Adviser to the STP-CAVR. He was joined for part of the program by the STP-CAVR Executive Director, Rev Agustinho de Vasconselos, who was in Indonesia at the same time to speak about CAVR at an Asia-Pacific conference in Bandung.

* Distribution

The CAVR Report was provided to a number of academic, civil society, legal and religious organisations. Hard copies were also delivered to the Governments of Canada, Finland, Denmark, Russia and to the Vatican Nunciature. In addition, presentations and discussions on CAVR and Chega! were held with individuals and groups of organisations.

* General response

All those contacted received the Report with considerable interest. While it is acknowledged that Timor-Leste is no longer a major concern in Indonesia, it was felt that Chega! should be published, launched, disseminated and debated as widely as possible in Indonesia. It was also felt that the Report should be tabled and discussed in the Indonesian Parliament and that the Government of Indonesia should formally respond to its findings and recommendations. Those contacted believe the Report will contribute to bi-lateral relations by helping Indonesians understand why the East Timorese people opted to separate from Indonesia. The Report is also practically useful because its account of the methodology and processes employed by CAVR ­ the first commission of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region - can be utilised by those setting up Indonesia’s own truth commission and in conflict resolution. The Report is also a timely contribution to the on-going revision of history, inquiry into the past, democratisation and struggle against impunity in Indonesia.

* Follow-up

Indonesian civil society organisations will coordinate to organise a public launch and discussion of Chega! in Jakarta later this year. They will also serve as a focal point for further dissemination. Funding will be required to assist both these launch and dissemination activities.

KPG, a branch of the Gramedia publishing company, has agreed in principle to publish the full Report providing a subsidy can be obtained.

A detailed narrative of meetings and discussions held in Jakarta has also been prepared.

Indonesia visit July-Aug 06 summary

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