Subject: UNOTIL Daily Media Review 17 August 2006

Daily Media Review Thursday, 17 August 2006

National Media Reports

Too Early For New F-FDTL Recruits

Two opposition parties, KOTA and UDT have expressed discontent with the announcement by Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Ramo-Horta on planning for new recruitment for the armed forces. MP Clementino Amaral (KOTA) is of the opinion that new recruitment should proceed following the investigation by the notable commission on claims of discrimination within the defence institution by the 600 soldiers dismissed a few months ago. UDT spokesperson, Alexandre Corte-Real is of the opinion that the problems of the petitioners must first be resolved as there is no urgency for new recruits since the international forces are now guaranteeing stability if there is an external threat. He stressed that it is better for the government to concentrate on the general elections as it is nearing close to that time. (TP, STL)

PR Does Not Have the Capacity to Interpret Law: Alkatiri

The President of the Republic does not have the competence to interpret the law or he may interpret it but he cannot decide on legitimacy” said Mari Alkatiri during a press conference on Tuesday, following the court decision on Friday, ruling legitimacy of the re-election of Mari Alkatiri as Secretary-General and Francisco ‘Lu’Olo’ Guterres as President of Fretilin during the party’s second congress on May 17-19. On claims that Fretilin distributed guns and bought votes during the congress, Alkatiri said the decision of the Court of Appeals constitutes legitimacy for leaders of the party, namely Guterres and Alkatiri, to make claims of defamation against the party.

In a separate article in Diario Nacional, Alkatiri said there is only one Fretilin which has registered in the Court of Appeals. If other people want to create a new party, he said referring to ‘Fretilin Grupo Mudança,’ to enable them to run for the elections, that is fine or they have the option of voting for other parties. He added that Fretilin’s door is open to anybody who wants to rejoin the party with the intention of improving it and defending democracy and the rights of the state (direito de estado). He is confident, he said, that the party will win the 2007 elections.

Francisco ‘Lu’Olo’ Guterres said the decision of the Court of Appeals means ‘Fretilin Grupo Mudança’ has lost their claims and according to article 62 of the party’s constitution, an extraordinary congress can only convene by Fretilin Central Committee following a district meeting decision. (TP, STL, DN)

Interference on Court Decision

MP and spokesperson of PD, Rui Menezes said in order to have a transparent judicial process for former Minister of Interior Rogerio Lobato and former Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri, the Court of Appeals should distance itself from political intervention of CPLP (Communidade Países Lingua Portuguesa) panels. Menezes stressed the court must make the decision based on facts and without influence from CPLP panels, pointing out that most of the decisions of the court lately have political influence from CPLP. He said one example was the Court of the Appeals’ decision of Fretilin’s second congress as legitimate although many argued that the voting procedures were against the Constitution and political party laws. Commenting on Menezes’ claim, Vice-President of the Parliament, Jacob Fernandes said the decision of the court was based on the law currently in motion in the country.

In the meantime, the Director of Justice and Peace Monitoring Program Tiago Sarmento said there was a declaration by the Prosecutor-General in relation to allegations of guns distribution against former Minister of Interior Rogerio Lobato and former Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri but there has been no follow up on the status of this claim. Sarmento said it is imperative for the Prosecutor-General and the Public Ministry to explain to the population the dynamic process as everyone is following this case. He added that if the process is kept quiet, it will have a negative impact on the justice institution and on the situation if a similar case of instability occurs. (TP, STL, DN)

What is Timor Achieving with Violence: Bishop Nascimento?

The Bishop of Baucau Diocese, Don Basilio do Nascimento appealed to all youth to stop the violence once and for all as the violence that occurred lowered the dignity of Timor-Leste. The Bishop said his message might not be welcomed by some people but he would ask what is Timor-Leste achieving by using violence. Don Basilio stressed that if a violent mentality continues to be the root of the nation, the little that Timor-Leste has achieved in the last four years as a positive step forward will be completely lost. He appealed to all to sit together and reflect on the present violence and ask themselves where will it lead Timor-Leste and who will benefit from the violence. He said the enemies of Timor-Leste today are its own people. The Bishop of Baucau Diocese stressed that it’s a big problem if the Timorese don’t realize that that could be their own enemies and that their courage was only displayed against others but not among their own people... (STL)

RTTL News Monitoring Report 17 August 2006

PM meets Brig Gen Taur Matan Ruak:

Prime Minister Ramos Horta, both Vice Ministers and Minister of State Ana Pessoa yesterday visited F-FDTL ­HQ in Tasi Tolu to talk about future institutional laws for the F-FDTL. The PM in an interview with RTTL that the F-FDTL could become similar to international peace keeping forces. The PM said that F-FDTL needs to prepare a battalion to work on the national the infra-structure plus a naval battalion. He said the F-FDTL could help people directly when the Minister of Infra-Structure does not have enough resources.

Electoral Law Presentation:

Aderito De Jesus, Advocate of Human Right in an interview with RTTL said that the projected electoral laws written by the majority party (Fretilin) and opposition parties were to be presented to the public so that all people could get involved and contribute ideas. De Jesus said that everyone has the right to contribute ideas for the electoral draft law, because the election for the members of parliament is to represent the people. Cipriana Pereira, Fretilin bench in NP stated that as majority party we must present our policy.. Mariano Sabino, General Secretary for PD Party stated that both draft laws -- from the majority party and from the opposition party -- are open to public opinion.,

Japanese Government Supports IDPs:

Kenzi Shimizu, Japanese Ambassador in Timor Leste yesterday visited PNTL Academia in Comoro-Dili. In an interview with RTTL he said that Japanese Government still continues support to IDPs in this crisis with budget of US$ 1, 5 million, dedicated, through UNICEF for support for children in IDP camps. He said that in every situation, children always become the victims. Julio Hornai, Director of Police Academia in his interview with RTTL said that PNTL is ready to work; to assume the position as police, as soon as the government starts to make that decision. Hornai stated that government could choose some PNTL from districts to join operations with international police if the police in Dili are still being processed. Hornai said that the PNTL themselves are embarrassed because every month they get salaries but they don’t do anything for the people.

International Media Reports

Timor policing plan too ambitious says Peters 17 August 2006 - © 2006 NZCity, NewsTalkZB

UN report suggesting substantial policing component for East Timor may be too ambitious says Foreign Minister Peters

Foreign Minister Winston Peters is concerned about some aspects of a United Nation's report on East Timor. The document recommends an agreement be reached between East Timor and the international community to ensure co-ordination in aid and recovery efforts and outlines the need for a long-term commitment to the fledgling nation. Foreign Minister Winston Peters welcomes the findings but is worried about the UN's proposal for a substantial policing component as it may be too ambitious. He says the UN will have a short-term role in frontline policing but hopes it will move quickly to help reform and repair the local police force. (© 2006 NZCity, NewsTalkZB)

Australia rejects UN-led Timor mission

Thursday August 17, 10:37 AM

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says Australia does not want the United Nations to take over the next phase of the operation in East Timor. Australian troops have been leading a 3,000-strong deployment of soldiers and police, which has restored calm to Dili after riots in May which killed 21 people and caused 150,000 to flee their homes. The majority of the UN Security Council members want to replace that deployment with a UN-led military force. Mr Downer says it would be easier if the United Nations does not run it. He says Australia would stay in command of the military component whether the United Nations takes over or not. "We think that it would be just easier to do and simpler to administer if it was a green-helmeted operation, just as it is at the moment," he said. "The way it's worked under Brigadier Slater has been exceptional - they've just done a great job. "It is an easier way to administer the military component without operating through New York all the time." The United Nations is expected to consider the mission today. (

National News Sources

Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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