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Pramoedya Ananta Toer dies (also excerpts from statements on E. Timor)
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A Message from Ed McWilliams
(Retired) Senior Foreign Service Officer

"I can attest to ETAN's effectiveness. I watched its impact from inside the U.S. government when I headed the political section of the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta from 1996 to 1999....  I retired after almost27 years in the State Department in 2001. Since then, I have roamed the halls of Congress and protested on the streets with ETAN."

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 Contact Congress to Support Democracy & Peace in E. Timor

U.S. Must Support Strong UN Mission in Timor-Leste Contact the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations today!
Send a fax to the U.S. Mission to the UN!
Sample letters to the editor - write your own

Listen to ETAN's Forum on the crisis in East Timor

LH Suggestions for the Next United Nations Mission in Timor-Leste

ETAN: Secretary of Defense Must Not Undermine Reform, Rights on Visit to Jakarta

ETAN: Statement by the East Timor and Indonesia Action Network on the Current Violence in Timor-Leste

ETAN Calls for Restrictions on Military Assistance to Indonesia to Promote Reform and Accountability; House Committee Would Turn a Blind Eye to Rights Violations, Impunity

ETAN Statement on Recent Events in Timor-Leste; Country Fragile, International Assistance, Justice Still Needed

Groups Urge Congress to Restrict Assistance to Indonesian Military in Legislative Mark-up  

Groups Urge Australia to Adopt Humane Refugee Policies Toward Papuans; Oppose Proposed Changes to Migration Law

Key Senators Criticize Waiver Allowing U.S. Weapons Exports to Indonesia; Cite Administration's Lack of Strategy to Encourage Accountability and Reform

Jubilee USA and ETAN Challenge Wolfowitz to Address Roots of Corruption by Canceling Indonesia's Suharto-Era Debt

Bush Administration Grants Unlimited Military “Aid” to Indonesia Betrays Military’s Victims and End-Runs Congress; Printable PDF version

I’ve long admired ETAN’s work. For well over a decade, ETAN has conducted some of the most effective grassroots campaigns I know. With limited resources, they helped free a nation and fundamentally changed policy toward one of the U.S.’s closest and most repressive allies, Indonesia.
Amy Goodman, host of “Democracy Now!”

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July 2 - June 25

Australia Will double aid to East Timor to A$8m, Downer says
UN rejects early poll for Timor
Annan reaffirms aid, Washington said backing 'robust' UN mission
UN names panel to investigate violence, alleged civilian arms

The big question now is does the country actually need an army?
Roots of the political crisis
Letter to Editor East Timor's struggle for stability
A (Promising) Shell of a Nation Unable to Govern Itself
Expert analyses East Timor political situation
Dream of democracy, like E. Timor's people, broken (James Dunn)

Next PM 'must have FRETILIN's confidence' - Alkatiri
Resignation a move to avoid 'institutional vacuum' - Alkatiri
Australia denies role in ousting East Timor PM
Alkatiri supporters rally in capital under int'l security clampdown
150,000 displaced by Timor violence

Clashes in Dili as ETimor ex-PM's supporters mass outside city
As violence re-ignites, Gusmão says crisis solution needs elections
Gusmão threatens early elections if new government not possible

Timor After Alkatiri [incl- Analysis-Editorials-Op-Ed]
Thousands celebrate PM's resignation, but demand early elections
Alkatiri Resigns; Woman Ready to Take Over
FRETILIN sticks by PM Alkatiri, wants 'dialogue' with President

Unofficial translation of Xanana's 22 June 2006 Speech
Xanana At 60- Statesman Or Politician?

SBY, Situation in T-L will not affect ties with Indonesia
Indonesia, East Timor extend duty term of joint truth commission
Lusosphere blogs report the latest political twists in East Timor

Selected UN, government and other documents
see Reliefweb for more links*

UN News: UN officials continue talks to end violence; funding shortfall threatens aid* (July 5)
UN News: UNICEF reports malnutrition among children displaced by violence*(July 3)

OCHA: Population Displacement OCHA Situation Report No. 10

UN News: Timor-Leste: as demonstrators mass, UN envoys seek to calm tensions* (June 29)
UN News: Timor-Leste: Annan appeals for calm after new violence threatens displaced people* (June 28)


OCHA: Population Displacement OCHA Situation Report No. 9* (June 27)

SRSG Hasegawa Delivers Message on Behalf of UN Secretary-General to Timor-Leste Political Leaders* (June 26)
WHO: Health action in crises - Highlights No 113 - 19 to 25 Jun 2006*

UNOTIL Daily Media Review 

30 June
29 June
28 June
27 June
24 June - 26 June

Jose Ramos-Horta address UN Security Council May 5 2006
Jose Ramos-Horta addresses Security Council, May 5, 2006. UN Photo

Security Council Extends UN Mission

UN: Opening Inaugural Session Of Peacebuilding Commission*
Security Council Report: Special Research Report on  Peacebuilding Commission*

UN: SC extends UNOTIL mandate 2 months* (June 20)

UN: Press Conference by Secretary-General's Special Envoy on Timor-Leste Situation* (June 13)
UN: United Nations Determined Not To Abandon Timor-Leste At Critical Time Of Need, Says Secretary-General, As Security Council Meets Following Recent Violence*
13 June 2006 Meeting Transcript*
Statements by Secretary-General, Argentina, Austria (for EU), Denmark, Fiji, Greece, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Timor-Leste, United Kingdom, United States
Timor-Leste: Letter dated 13 June 2006 from the Secretary-General addressed to the President of the Security Council (S/2006/383)

Security Council Report - June 2006 Timor-Leste*
USETS- Letter on extending UN mission

UN: Following unrest, UN mission in Timor-Leste extended one month past expiration*
UNOTIL: Security Council Meets to discuss UN’s future presence in Timor-Leste*

UN: Security Council meeting transcript 5 May 2006*
UN: Security Council Meets on UN Mission, As Recent T-L Violence Reminds Democracy "Still Fragile"*
Statements* by UN SRSG Hasegawa; Timor-Leste, Australia, Denmark, EU Presidency, Greece, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovakia

UN: Annan proposes new year-long mission to help Timor-Leste*
UN: End of mandate report of the Secretary-General on UNOTIL (for the period from 14 January to 12 April 2006)*
UN: Letter fr the President of the Security Council to the Secretary-General on follow-on office to UNOTIL*

Click here for coverage of the current crisis in East Timor, including UN actions

June 18 - 24

Timor PM calls Gusmao bluff by refusing to quit
FRETILIN postpones meet on Govt's future due demonstrations
John Martinkus- Of coup plots and shadowy foreigners
Gusmão threatens to resign in 'him-or-me' showdown with Alkatiri
Australia - Peackeeper or Petroleum Predator?

Timor orders arrest of ex-minister
Indonesia reopens border with E Timor
Army Sets-Up Base for 3,000

UN Council seeks to expand East Timor mission
Talk Of 'Failed States' Unhelpful
Shadows of 1999 killings cloud East Timor
Downer looks to France for UN resolution on E Timor

Some 133,000 now displaced, senior UN official warns
Mari Alkatiri- 'My resignation would only increase tension'
Lusophone bloc readies diplomatic, material support for Dili
FM Horta meets alleged govt 'death squad' in new disarmament move
Bolton opposes need for UN peacekeepers in Timor
Four Corners- "Stoking the Fires"

Portuguese players support ET at World Cup
The desertion of Dili

Betrayal by Fire (Australia training of the FDTL)

UN Judiciary Efforts in East Timor for the 1999 Atrocities Criticised
Joint truth commission extends work period, questioning yet to begin

Jakarta Backs Away From Australia Security Deal [+Transcript]

Conoco Plans US$6-10b Timor Sea Expansion

Selected UN, government and other documents

TLGOV: Resignation Statement of Prime Minister (June 23)
UNOTIL: Hasegawa: National Unity is Paramount (June 23)
TLGOV: Timor-Leste Meeting the daunting health challenge in Timor-Leste* (June 23)

OCHA: UN to begin assessments in Timor-Leste districts* (June 22)
WFP: Survey finds more people than expected need food aid* (June 22) 
OCHA: Timor-Leste: Population Displacement OCHA Situation Report No. 8* (June 20)
UN expands food aid to tens of thousands displaced by recent violence (June 20)

TLGOV: "We will never let the people down, we are here” - Timor-Leste government coordinates emergency assistance program (June 20)
TLGOV: Alkatiri rejects Railos 'hit squad' allegations* (June 20)

UNOTIL Daily Media Review 

23 June
22 June
21 June
20 June
17 June - 19 June

Secretary Rice shakes hands with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, March 14, 2006. © AP/WWP  
President Yudhoyono(R) greets U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld prior a meeting at the Presidential Palace, June 6.  

U.S.-Indonesia Military Assistance

ETAN: Secretary of Defense Must Not Undermine Reform, Rights on Visit to Jakarta
ETAN: Groups Urge Congress to Restrict Assistance to Indonesian Military in Legislative Mark-up
HRW: Indonesia: Military Business Threatens Human Rights

Rep. Langevin of Armed Services to Secs. Rumsfeld and Rice on military aid to Indonesia
Rep. Crowley on Assistance for Indonesian Military 

Rumsfeld to Indonesia
Rumsfeld's Indonesia visit cements US military ties

U.S. lawmakers propose dropping restrictions on Indonesia military aid
Indonesia FM to U.S. to assure supply of military equipment
TNI to Participate in US, Japan Military Exercises in Thailand

ETAN: Key Senators Criticize Waiver Allowing U.S. Weapons Exports to Indonesia; Cite Administration's Lack of Strategy to Encourage Accountability and Reform

ETAN: U.S. Should Not Cozy Up to Kopassus; Notorious Military Unit Commander Participates in Hawaii Pentagon Conference
ETAN Denounces Plans to Sell Lethal Equipment to Indonesian Military; Expresses Alarm at Expanding Engagement

RI, US to restore joint military training programs

US Lifts Ban on Sale of Lethal Arms to Indonesia
Letter- Rice's words on Indonesia ring hollow

RI, U.S. navies conclude joint exercise

U.S. Aid to Corrupt TNI Risks More Rights Abuses
Rice Praises Indonesia As Model of 'Tolerance'
Human rights groups blast Rice for defending military ties with Indonesia

June 10 - 17

GLW: East Timor asks for UN-led peacekeeping force
Australia Rejects UN Timor Control [+Police chief may be Australian]
U.N. Plans To Send Troops to E. Timor [+More Police]
East Timor says it will need UN help for at least a decade, JRH

Timor minister equipped police as private army
Timor's Missing Guns Key to Crisis [+Gusmao- Rebel Leader Not to Blame]
East Timor minister mulls visit to alleged hit squad leader
Ramos-Horta- 'Police Very Factionalized' [+RI's Silence; Alkatiri]
East Timorese renegade leader warns that disarming rebels won't solve nation's crisis

Indonesia urged to help Dili but not intervene

Law firm targets energy with East Timor base
Age & AFR- Answering to Jakarta [Op-Eds by Scott Burchill & Geoffrey Barker]

Address of the President of the Republic to the National Parliament 14 June 2006
It's back to the old ties that bind
Int'l peacekeepers to deploy outside capital - President Gusmão
East Timor's shaky foundations need long-term support
East Timor President Backs Away from Call to Oust Alkatiri
Bungled bullying in East Timor?

East Timor calls for aid for the 100,000 displaced
Dili dilemma- how blunders in building a nation are being brutally laid bare
Bigger budget to fund state salary hikes, Dili rebuilding, FM says
Assessing the strife in East Timor
East Timor's ethnic violence puzzles analysts
Urging 'reconciliation', Europe grants euros 18m in development aid

Timor-Leste: UN expands emergency relief for tens of thousands who fled violence (June 16)
TL Government asks UN to establish independent special inquiry commission* (June 12)

Selected UN, government and other documents

UN expands emergency relief for tens of thousands who fled violence* (June 16)

CAFOD: 100,000 driven from their homes in East Timor* (June 15)
AAI: Timor-Leste: Situation Report - 15 Jun 2006
Concern: East Timor conflict* (June 15)
Senior UN envoy helps probe into Timor-Leste violence* (June 14)

UNICEF: Immunization drive begins for children displaced by conflict in Timor-Leste* (June 14)


OCHA: Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP): Flash Appeal 2006 for Timor-Leste (June 12)

UN calls for nearly $19 million in aid for 130,000 displaced in Timor-Leste* (June 12)
UN envoy returns from Timor-Leste to brief Annan as aid appeal launched* (June 9)

UNOTIL Daily Media Review 

15 June
14 June
13 June
12 June
09 June


Other Links (open in new window)

Click here for links to ongoing coverage of the current crisis in East Timor

East Timor Law Journal: Institutions and the East Timorese Experience

Jamestown Foundation: China and East Timor: Good, But Not Best Friends

ICFTU: Annual Survey of Violations of Trade Union Rights - Timor-Leste; Indonesia

AI: Timor-Leste: All parties must act resolutely to ensure justice for both current and past violations of human rights

UN: Opening Inaugural Session Of Peacebuilding Commission
Security Council Report: Special Research Report on  Peacebuilding Commission

European Commission and the Government of Timor-Leste sign strategic document on their cooperation for the period 2006-2007

UNDP: 27 Timorese Legal Practitioners Sworn in to Provide Immediate Strength to Justice Sector

Asian Development Outlook 2006: Timor-Leste

East Timor Law Journal: East Timor: Extradition Requests and Letters Rogatory

USAID land law program II Timore-Leste : final report

Amnesty Int'l Annual Report 2006 - Timor-Leste, Indonesia
ABC: Foreign Correspondent East Timor - Justice Denied
Australia Parliamentary Library: Aftermath Timor Leste: reconciling competing notions of justice*

Ainaro Lia Foun: Spring 2006 newsletter of Madison-Ainaro Sister City Alliance

SBS: East Timor First Lady First Sword Gusmao interview (English and Portuguese)

USAID: Timor-Leste: Fighting malaria with bed nets

European Commission allocates €18 million to Timor Leste
WB: Second Timor-Leste Living Standards Survey is Underway

TAPOL: Suharto must be brought to justice for his crimes against humanity

TAPOL: The truth is told (CAVR report)

Paras Indonesia: War Criminal Guterres Finally Jailed, Generals Still Free

BPA: 1Q06 Petroleum Fund Report released

ICG: Managing Tensions on the Timor-Leste/Indonesia Border

OECD: Review of the Development Co-operation Policies and Programmes of Portugal

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AUSGOV: White Paper on Australia's Overseas Aid Program
WB: Timor-Leste Access to Finance for Investment and Working Capital

East Timor Law Journal updated and expanded website
Many English translations of laws have recently been added

Tetum Wikipedia

UN: Strengthening Accountability and Transparency in TL

HRW - East Timor: Torture and Mistreatment by Police

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June 1-11

East Timor signs €18 million aid deal with EU

Jakarta-Canberra Will Commit to Historic Security Treaty [+JP Op-Ed]
Ask the West Papuans & Timorese

East Timor unrest delays Balibo Five inquest

East Timor Unrest Casts a Dark Cloud Over Travel Industry
WSJ by Ramos-Horta- East Timor Is Not a Failed State
UN agency seeks US$5 million in urgent humanitarian aid
Suffering ‘trivialised’
Looters destroy ET seed reserves- interview with Min Agric
Former defence adviser says Alkatiri sought spy unit

Diane Farsetta- East Timor deserves not only peace, but justice
Cameraman detained by Australian troops in ETimor

UNOTIL Daily Media Review

Violence leaves Govt departments, public services in disarray
The states that failed East Timor
Religious leader says crisis easing
No Heightened Tension In Border Areas, Says Mily Chief

Indonesia to send humanitarian assistance to E. Timor

Big challenges still ahead in East Timor
Alkatiri agrees to investigation; Settle differences without violence
Alkatiri denies arming own security force 

Violence fanned to topple Govt, avoid elex, charges PM Alkatiri
Special envoy Martin foresees 'important role' for UN in crisis
Change of PM welcome but not remedy for crisis - Bishop Nascimento
Timor firefighters defy mobs
Mass East Timor rally calls for PM to step down [+Gang leaders targeted]
Guns, ammo missing from E Timor police
The Failure of East Timor- what to avoid in Ivory Coast

Crisis cabinet tasks responsibilities on emergency measures

Max Stahl- No One Heeded Timor Warning Signs; LAT- Bloodied ETimorese Hope U.N. Will Return

Sacked interior minister elected ruling FRETILIN party's V-P
Church leaders plead for peace

Treating Timor Leste’s Breakdown
Wiranto's Good Luck- Looted Dili Files Include '99 Riots [+JP Op-Ed]

Selected UN, government and other documents

Annan’s Special Representative meets Timor-Leste President as UN expands aid effort* (June 9)
CRS: New supplies arrive in Timor-Leste, more than 50,000 get relief* (June 9)
Trócaire: Peace and reconciliation are needed in Timor Leste* (June 8)

Timor-Leste: Dr. Ramos-Horta: "All countries are satisfied with the agreed protocol" (June 8)

Prime Minister convened the Crisis Management Office (June 6)
Dr José Ramos-Horta visits F-FDTL forces (June 5)

OCHA Situation Report No. 7 Population Displacement (June 10)

UN envoy returns from Timor-Leste to brief Annan as aid appeal launched* (June 9)
UNOTIL: SRSG Hasegawa visits eastern region (June 9)

UNICEF responds with aid for families still displaced in Timor-Leste* (June 9)
UNHCR Briefing Notes Timor-Leste: Funding urgently needed* (June 9)
In Timor-Leste Camps, UNFPA Helps Pregnant Women Deliver Their Babies Safely* (June 8)
Annan’s Special Representative meets Timor-Leste President as UN expands aid effort (8 June)
UNTOIL: Timorese leaders express appreciation of UN Staff in Timor-Leste* (June 8)
UN: Increase in UN presence in Timor-Leste seen as likely* (June 7)
WFP to provide urgently needed food aid to 100,000 in Timor Leste* (June 7)
Transcript of Press Conference with UN SG Special Envoy, Ian Martin (June 7)
Annan’s Special Representative talks peace with another armed group in Timor-Leste (6 June)
UNOTIL continues to urge progress on peace and unity in Timor-Leste* (June 3)
Inter-Agency Humanitarian Assistance Group: Shelter & Disease Prevention Are Priorities for Humanitarian Response* (June 3)

Population Displacement OCHA Situation Report No. 4* (June 2)
UN: Security Council may hold public meeting on Timor-Leste next week – President (June 2)
UNOTIL: Special Envoy of the Secretary-General Ian arrives in Timor-Leste* (June 2)
Timor-Leste: 100,000 estimated displaced; UNHCR emergency response latest* (June 2)
Timor-Leste: UN plans emergency airlift to aid up to 100,000 people displaced by unrest* (June 2)
WFP operational update: Timor Leste* (June 1)

ALP: Australia Should Take The Lead In Drawing Together An International Police Force For East Timor - Kevin Rudd (June 9)

Japan: Call between Minister for Foreign Affairs Taro Aso and President Xanana Gusumao* (June 8)
Japan: Statement by Mr. Taro Aso, Minister for Foreign Affairs, on the situation in Timor-Leste* (June 8)
NZ: Increased aid for Timor Leste (June 7)
Ausaid: Further Australian Support for Food Supplies in East Timor*  (June 8)
ALP: Government Decision On 'non-warlike' Service Is Affecting Troop Morale In East Timor - Robert McClelland (June 8)

Australian Democrats: Timor: Long term aid needed* (June 6)
ALP: The Political, Security And Humanitarian Situation In East Timor - Kevin Rudd (June 6)
ALP: East Timor's Political And Humanitarian Situation - Kevin Rudd (June 5)
Downer: Interview on East Timor. Channel 7 Network - Weekend Sunrise* (4 June)
Downer: Doorstop Interview: Dili, East Timor* (June 3)

Greens: ADF Timor role still unanswered* (June2)
ALP: Military Training To East Timorese Must Be Examined - Robert McClelland* (June 1)


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