Current Crisis in East Timor (2006)

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Statement by the East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) on the Current Violence in Timor-Leste

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ETAN Statement on Recent Events in Timor-Leste; Country Fragile, International Assistance, Justice Still Needed

Listen to ETAN's Charles Scheiner, recently returned from East Timor, on WNYC; Democracy Now!; WBEZ's Worldview

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I’ve long admired ETAN’s work. For well over a decade, ETAN has conducted some of the most effective
grassroots campaigns I know. With limited resources, they helped free a nation and fundamentally changed policy toward one of the U.S.’s closest and most repressive allies, Indonesia.

Amy Goodman, host of “Democracy Now!”

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June 3 - May 26

Militia involvement?
Capital regains eerie calm as new security ministers take office
Australia wants more UN, more int'l police in Dili
Hundreds Loot Dili Warehouses [+Gusmao Urges Reconciliation]
Humanitarian crisis looms as thousands flee in East Timor

Violence Threatens E.Timor Coffee Industry
Stand up, the real Mr. Alkatiri
Sacked minister assumes responsibility for crisis, police collapse
President doesn't have prerogative to dismiss elected TL government
Gusmao Makes Emotional Appeal for Unity; Women Protest for Peace

What's needed to rebuild East Timor
Over-hasty UN pullout could have caused turmoil, says Kofi Annan
Dateline: Four Days in Dili
Churches seek peace amid gang violence in East Timor
100,000 Timorese in Emergency Camps- UN [+Aussies May Stay 6 Months]
Timor needs to get rid of its army- Kingsbury

Australian soldier on patrol.  
Australian soldier on patrol. REUTERS/Zainal Abd Halim  

New Violence Hits Dili; Thousands Storm Warehouse in Search for Food
GLW: Foreign troops occupy Dili
Dili mob raids office holding evidence of '99 massacres
TAPOL welcomes Xanana's initiative*

RI sends warships, Nomad planes to marine border with Timor Leste
Ramos Horta speaks out against violence in Dili
James Dunn on Was East Timor ready for independence?
Jakarta Backs Intervention [+Age Analysis; Marxist Failure; Alkatiri]
Warnings of Timor violence ignored
US group slams Australian PM over East Timor remarks
Without justice, there will be no peace

May 20-27

Frightened East Timorese pass by a burning car after hiding in a burning house from a mob attack Saturday, May 27, 2006  
Frightened East Timorese pass by a burning car after hiding in a burning house from a mob attack Saturday, May 27, 2006. AP Photo/Ed Wray  

UN pulls staff from E Timor chaos
Timor Analyses- AFR-Jakarta- 'We Told You So;' SMH- Brought On Ourselves
Timor Analyses-2- Age- Ruled By The Gun; Courier-Mail Feature; Editorial
RI Unperturbed By Foreign Troops In Timor Leste
Gangs rampage as Timor urges rebel soldiers to lay down arms
East Timorese writers predict unhappy ending, Timor capital tense as ethnic violence flares

ETLJ: Internal Security, States of Siege and Emergency, A Note on the Constitutional Provisions and the Internal Security Law of 2003

Statement of the Asia Pacific Solidarity Coalition on the current situation in Timor Leste*
Litany of Mistakes Behind Return to E. Timor
East Timor to hand over security in capital to Australian troops
Dili, Australians jointly coordinating security, says minister
Australia calls for political reforms to follow East Timor bloodshed
President takes 'all control' of security, Australian forces arrive
East Timor- A new wave of violence
Independent Catholic News: Aid agencies alarmed at growing violence in East Timor*
Allies deploying peacekeepers after new outbreak of violence
Four years after independence, unrest again threatens East Timor

ETAN Statement on Recent Events in Timor-Leste; Country Fragile, International Assistance, Justice Still Needed
LH comments on current panic and situation in Dili
Panic and reality in Dili

May 13 - 20

Gov't presses for int'l probe into disputed riot casualty figures
UN cable damns E Timor minister

PM Alkatiri accused of illegally ordering army against demonstrators
Church joins fray in Timor
East Timor: Sacked troops' call for disarming of military "unacceptable" - FM 'Failed State' and the Rise of the Timor-Leste Burgeois by Rahung Nasution
On East and West from Andrew McWilliam
Timor Rebels Win New Backing [+Worst Is Over- PM]

May 9 -13

ABC Radio National Australia Talks Back East Timor - On The Brink with Agio Pereira, Kirsty Sword Gusmao, Helen Hill and others (audio only)

East Timor awaits Australian Navy ships briefing
U.S. encourages East Timor officials to restore calm

East Timor says it does not need international peacekeepers
East Timor's FM warns political parties to behave
W. Timor Catholic Church prepares to aid fleeing East Timor refugees

Returning to normality in Timor-Leste
Gov't tries to get rebel troops home with cash, job offers
Crisis highlights problems in Timor

May 6 - April 29

East Timorese family on a truck leaves Dili, May 6, 2006. REUTERS/Liro Da Fonseca  

AU: Struggle for a future
APSOC: Resolve the crisis now!*
IID: After the riots in Dili: A Call For Renewed Solidarity and Vigilance For Timor Leste*
Timor leader asks church to calm fleeing residents

East Timor Catholic leaders appeal for calm after soldiers riot
RI urged to stay out of Dili unrest

East Timor residents flee capital fearing renewed violence
East Timor protests fueled by more than anger
DFAT East Timor travel warnings 'over-cautious'

Quiet returns to East Timor's capital after deadly riots by ex-soldiers
No Australian troops for Timor- Downer
Portugal 'confident' in Dili's leadership - FM Freitas do Amaral
Army deployed after Dili riots leave at least two dead, 34 injured
Protesting soldiers dismiss Govt's inquiry initiative
E. Timor protesters damage houses, market in Dili
Soldiers attack traders in Dili protest

UN, its agencies and other humanitarian agencies

World Food Programme photo  
World Food Programme  

Joint Statement by the International Donor Community on the Situation in Timor-Leste* (May 31)

OCHA: Timor-Leste: Population Displacement OCHA Situation Report No. 2 (May 30)

UNOTIL: UN asks RDTL for full investigation and accountability for shooting of unarmed PNTL/UNPOL officers (May 29)* UN News Timor-Leste: UN relocates families of staff as security concerns heighten (May 27)*
UN News Annan sends seasoned envoy to Timor-Leste following mob violence (May 27)* UNOTIL: United Nations Moves To Security Phase Three (27 May)*
UNOTIL: Unarmed Police Killed In Ambush (26 May)*
UNOTIL: SRSG—Timor-Leste needs international police forces (26 May)*
Annan sends seasoned envoy to Timor-Leste following mob violence (25 May)*
Wolfowitz on the Security Crisis in Timor-Leste (May 25)   Concerned Over Timor-Leste, Secretary-General Consults Regional Leaders (25 May)
  WFP: Emergency Report No. 20 / 2006 - Date 19 May 2006*
Plan: Displaced people expected to return home* UNOTIL: Hasegawa: “UN is deeply concerned with the recent outbreaks of violence in Timor-Leste" (May 12)* IFRC: Timor-Leste: Violence and unrest Information Bulletin No. 1*
WFP: Emergency Report No. 18 / 2006 - Date 05 May 2006*
WFP: Emergency Report No. 16 / 2006 - Date 21 April 2006*
Jose Ramos-Horta address UN Security Council May 5 2006
Jose Ramos-Horta addresses Security Council, May 5, 2006. UN Photo
Security Council Actions

Security Council Report - June 2006 Timor-Leste*
USETS- Letter on extending UN mission

Security Council Press Statement On Timor-Leste (24 May)

Security Council, Expressing Serious Concern At Deteriorating Security Situation (May 25)*

S/2006/320325326 and 327 24 and 25 May 2006 letters from New Zealand, Australia and Portugal to the Council president regarding Timor-Leste*
S/2006/319 24 May 2006 letter from three Timor-Leste leaders informing the Secretary-General about the request to Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Portugal for defence and security assistance*

UN: Following unrest, UN mission in Timor-Leste extended one month past expiration*

UNOTIL: Security Council Meets to discuss UN’s future presence in Timor-Leste*
UN: Security Council meeting transcript 5 May 2006*
UN: Security Council Meets on UN Mission, As Recent T-L Violence Reminds Democracy "Still Fragile"* Statements* by UN SRSG Hasegawa; Timor-Leste, Argentina, Australia, Denmark, EU Presidency, Greece, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovakia

UN:Annan proposes new year-long mission to help Timor-Leste*
UN: End of mandate report of the Secretary-General on UNOTIL (for the period from 14 January to 12 April 2006)*
UN: Letter fr the President of the Security Council to the Secretary-General on follow-on office to UNOTIL*

Timor-Leste Government Statements

Timor-Leste: Dr Ramos-Horta's efforts to restore normalcy (May 31)

Presidential Statement on Emergency Measures (May 30)

Timor-Leste: Some Australian media reports inaccurate statement of the Prime Minister* (29 May)
Timor-Leste: PM’s statement on present situation in Dili*  (29 May)
Govt. Timor-Leste  Timor-Leste: Dr Ramos-Horta - "I know the people of Timor-Leste and I have faith in my people"* (26 May)
Govt. Timor-Leste  Timor-Leste: Security perimeter implemented*  (26 May)
24 May 2006  Govt. Timor-Leste  Timor-Leste requests international support* (24 May)
Govt. Timor-Leste  Timor-Leste: F-FDTL responds to attack by breakaway elements from the army* (23 May)

JRH on Continuing Efforts to Resolve Tensions (May 12)
MNEC: Update on the situation as of May 10, 2006

Terms of Reference for Commission of Notables
Statement by Dr José Ramos-Horta 6 May 2006
Situation calm in Dili (May 5)
MNEC: Update on the Situation 04 May 2006
MNEC: May 3 update on situation
MNEC: Update on situation May 2, 2006
30 April 2006 Statement by José Ramos-Horta
MNEC: Briefing and updates from April 28, 29

Government & Polticial Party Statements

Philippines: RP Police Officer Wounded in East Timor Violence

U.S. Urges Peaceful Resolution of Differences in East Timor* (May 12) AUSGOV: Downer Interview - Radio New Zealand "Checkpoint Programme*
AUSGOV: Downer Doorstop Interview- Dili Riots (April 29)*

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